Elections 2022, Renzi: “Pd is ‘generic’ of the M5s, Letta now goes home”

The former leader dem on the attack: “With us or with the grillini, what do you want to do as a great dear Pd?”

“Letta said that Renzi wants to destroy the Democratic Party, no dear Enrico, do it all by yourself. You proposed to increase taxes, madness. We have higher taxes than the European average. The Democratic Party had made the Jobs Act which combined with industry 4.0 has created a million jobs and today denies it. Today they say they are for the citizenship income, it is not that they change their mind now they can change their name to M5S, they are their ‘generic’. They are campaigning for Meloni or for M5S. “So Matteo Renzi in a public event in Frosinone.

“We do not make political controversy for what happened here in Frosinone – continues the leader of IV -: either the Democratic Party is with us or with the 5 Stars, tell us what they intend to do. Not so much Read that next week he goes home. Where will they look? To the reformist area or to the grillini? What do you want to do as a great dear Pd? Continue to go with Di Maio who said that the Democratic Party steals children? On the left not everyone will chase Conte and Bettini “.