Elections 2022, Renzi: “The goal is to be the first party in 2024”

“We will never be with Giorgia Meloni”

“Our goal is to be the first party at the European Championships of 2024, but in the meantime to make as good a result as possible here“This was said by the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, on the sidelines of the closing of his electoral campaign in Milan.” We will never be with Giorgia Meloni, if he becomes prime minister we will be in the opposition and we will never be in a jam between Pd and 5 Stars“.” Our plan – added Renzi – is to do what Macron did, who took left and right, with a system that allowed him, because he had the ballot and went to the government “.

“Here we are like at school, from zero to ten, five is insufficient, six is ​​enough, seven is good and gradually we reach ten which would be the best”, he adds, speaking instead of the objective of the Third pole in Lombardy. To those who asked him if he is aiming to obtain 7/8% of the votes, Renzi replied: “I hope a little more, everything we take is fine”. “Then – added the former President of the Council of Ministers – there are those who dream more, as is right. But I have seen a good atmosphere, many moderate people who do not want to vote for the Fiamma, former Forza Italia and former Lega , and many former Pd who do not want to vote Di Maio and, above all, the concern is that a vote in the Pd is a vote for an agreement tomorrow with the grillini. Now among the experts the idea is that the next day there will be a Pd-M5s agreement “. This is why Renzi expects a “very positive” result.

As for the opening to the Third Pole, advanced by the secretary of the Italian Left, Renzi commented with a joke: “Fratoianni, close that door you get cold”.