Elections 2022, Renzi: “They are already asking me to bring down the government …”

“It’s my specialty, but let’s at least wait for them to do it …”

“Between yesterday and today I have already received almost 700 invitations / emails, especially from very young people who ask me to bring down the government: guys, I understand that it has become my specialty, but before they can bring down the government they must at least do it!”. Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, writes this after the 2022 political elections that decreed the triumph of Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia.

“With the right, therefore, at the most we risk our wallets, because I consider them incapable of governing (and I hope to be proved wrong)”, writes among other things the leader of IV who then adds in his enews: “The Italian right does not is a fascist. This narrative must be rejected, there is no democratic risk in our country. Yesterday I told CNN and I say it to all the numerous international interlocutors I meet here too: there is no risk for democracy with Meloni premier. And this is said by those who are gearing up to make opposition, tough but civil “.

“The same people who have said for years that I would never go back to Parliament, that we would never make the 3%, that in the polls we were dead, after seeing thirty people return to Parliament with 8%, they pretend nothing has happened and they say we should have done 10%. Are they or are they not wonderfully nice? A hug to those who have considered us finished so many times: they have buried us several times, they did not know that we are seeds “, he adds.

“We went very well! Someone hoped for more? Of course: everyone is hoping more and more, but reaching almost 8%, on a par with Forza Italia and Lega, is a great result – writes the leader of IV. -. All the candidates are good, starting naturally from Carlo Calenda, up to the service candidates and those candidates who have received in the past few hours the cold shower of the non-election. I know what it feels like in these cases. In the meantime, a cumulative hug, then to the I’ll be back I’ll be in touch “.

“The Renew Europe project, in view of the 2023 elections, has started and it is beautiful. A great house to defend and cultivate European democracy with central Italy. We will do a great job, together with Carlo Calenda, and we both share that we must involve as many experiences as possible. In the coming months, there will be a lot of work to be done and we will do it together, without controversy “, says Renzi.