Elections 2022, Salvini: “Happy to compete to be premier”

I think the Lega can become the first party

“The game ends when the referee blows the whistle …”. This was stated by Matteo Salvini, guest of the ‘Affariitaliani’ kermesse in Ceglie Messapica. “Nothing is decided yet, it seems premature to talk about it. Since I am an incurable optimist, I think the Lega can become the first party and from 26 September Mattarella will do what he sees fit. And I am happy to compete for the most beautiful job in the world, that is the president of the Council of this extraordinary country ”.

It would be right that the center right before the vote offered the Italians the names of two or three ministers: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Justice. I won’t tell the names, otherwise I would ruin them … It is no mystery, however, that for me as an Italian, not as a secretary of the League, having Giulia Bongiorno as Minister of Justice would be a guarantee ”.

UKRAINE – “I would like to remind you that the League has always voted for any intervention in favor of Ukraine” says Salvini. “I hope this bloody war ends as soon as possible …”.

BETWEEN BIDEN AND TRUMP – ” Can I say, without being accused and threatened, that between Biden and Trump I choose Trump for life and hope that the Republicans win the mid-term elections in the fall? Then, both Biden and Trump don’t care what Salvini thinks … ”.

FUELS – ” Next week there will be a CDM to renew the fuel discount ”.