Elections 2022, Salvini: “I premier? It would be honor, but I don’t impose myself”

ok penalties but cannot be paid by Italians with high bills

“I am at the disposal of the Italian people, four years ago I had the honor of being Minister of the Interior and as promised I blocked the landings of illegal immigrants, I made severe laws against mafiosi, drug dealers, rapists and traffickers of human beings”. He said it Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, guest at Uno Mattina. “If people trust what we have done, for me to be Prime Minister would be a pride – he says -, an emotion, an honor and the team of the Lega and the center-right is ready to take the country by the hand. , before the vote, I do not allow myself to impose myself or present myself as nothing “.

“I am paid by the Italians to defend their work, savings and health. As a League we have approved all the interventions against Russia, against Putin, in favor of Ukraine, military and economic aid: we have approved all the sanctions, because we they said they would stop the war. Six months after the start of the war and the sanctions imposed by Europe, more than bringing Putin to his knees and stopping the conflict, the facts say that the war is going on, the coffers of Russia are filling and we are the one who is suffering “, the leader of the League then said, adding:” The sanctions, instead of stopping the war and the Russian advance, absolutely insane, cannot go to the expense of the pensioners, of the workers. Let’s go on – he continues – hoping that these sanctions will sooner or later serve, but Europe will protect the Italians and the government will intervene immediately because the bills do not wait “.

“We will have to involve everyone in a few months, but I would like politics to come together today to stop the increases in bills. The politics that gossip about what will happen in two years is irresponsible, because we risk losing a million jobs in the next weeks for these energy increases “, the words of the Northern League.