Elections 2022, Salvini: “Lega will get one more vote in the coalition”

“Calenda up to yesterday insulted the whole world, now he makes an agreement with the Democratic Party …”

“Until yesterday Calenda insulted the whole world: ‘Never with the Democratic Party, never with Di Maio, never with traitors’. Now they have found an agreement with Letta to divide up the colleges to stop the ‘right’. ‘right’, there are different positions than those of the left “. Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, in the Bari rally expressed himself on the agreement reached by Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, and Carlo Calenda, number 1 of Action, in view of the 2022 political elections scheduled for 25 September.

“I am convinced not only that the center-right can win, but that the League can take one more vote than all the others to be the driving force of the coalition and the vital energy. I am convinced that we can win, I feel a renewed air of enthusiasm. It was tiring to spend a year and a half in government with the Pd and M5S. When President Mattarella said ‘who is there?’ to save Italy in an extremely difficult moment, I said yes and I would do it again for the country “, he says.

“The banner of the finish line, on September 25th, is there. We vote on September 25th, when the schools are open. I say this as a father, not as a leader of the League. For me from September onwards, all the children and all the teachers they must be able to go to school, and without a mask, they can’t take off more months of school. Let’s put money on ventilation systems, as they do all over the world. Taking off other months of school from 8-9 year olds is totally unthinkable ” , he adds, touching on a series of topics: taxes and justice, citizenship income and energy. A passage on relations between the League and Russia, a theme that came to the fore after a series of press articles: “I do not answer to any foreign power, like perhaps someone else, I only answer to citizens. I do what Italian citizens need”.