Elections 2022, Salvini: “Medvedev? Italian problems are not Russian tweets”

The Northern League leader: “I’m not interested in arguing with the rest of the world, it’s not the Russians or the Chinese who vote”

“The problems of the Italians are not the tweets of a Russian, the Italians will vote, not the Russiansthe Chinese, the Eskimos, based on their values ​​and interests, I am not interested in making controversies with the rest of the world. “Thus the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, interviewed by Tg4 on the words of the former president Russian Dmytri Medvedev who called on Europeans to “punish” governments and their stupidity at the polls.

The Northern League leader then returns to attack the virologist Andrea Chrysants candidate for the Democratic Party. “The Democratic Party has chosen to nominate a so-called scientist who gave me a murderer that speaks for itself. The governors and mayors of the League, especially those of Lombardy, were the first to fight that damned Covid, collect the dead and bring doctors, nurses and volunteers all over Italy to save. So – Salvini attacks – they can give the killer to someone else “.