Elections 2022, Salvini to Letta: “Enrico, be calm”

The leader of the League: “On the left there is a terrible fear of losing seats”

“On the left they are terribly afraid of losing seats, they invent whatever. Lega goes on with its head held high, talking about Italy, Italians, young people, the future, the environment, development, fiscal peace, about landings and tax cuts. Enrico, be calm “. Lega secretary Matteo Salvini writes on Twitter.

In the video attached to the tweet, Salvini adds: “A sad short story of terror on the left. According to La Stampa, Putin has brought down the government. According to La Repubblica, Putin is sending the boats of immigrants from Africa. We expect scoops from others tomorrow. left-wing newspapers. Putin is behind the drought, Putin is behind the invasion of locusts and wild boars, Putin is behind the rubbish that is plaguing Rome “, says the Northern League leader.

“Let’s not joke, the left has an incredible fear of losing seats and elections. We go ahead, back straight and head held high, speaking only of Italy and Italians, of young people, of the future, of the environment, of development, of flat tax, of fiscal peace, fewer taxes and fewer landings. And let’s leave the delusions, fantasies and fake scoops to the left. Enrico, be calm “, concludes Salvini.