Elections 2022, sanctions on Russia: the positions of the leaders

Meloni: “Italy must be credible”. Letta and Calenda against Salvini. Conte: “Sanctions hurt us but must be kept”

Sanctions against Russia, while the high cost of electricity and gas is in the spotlight, become a central theme in the debate ahead of the political elections on 25 September. The line to be taken towards Moscow, the consequences on the Italian economy, the position of the EU: party leaders tackle the issues between different recipes and cross accusations.

“If Italy would no longer send weapons tomorrow and no longer participate in the sanctions, what would the rest of the West do? Nothing, it would continue to send weapons. It is our position that we are deciding, our credibility. If tomorrow the Italy were to withdraw from its allies, for Ukraine it would change nothing, but for Italy it would change a lot. A serious nation that wants to defend its interests must have a credible posture “, says the leader of Fratelli d’Italia. Giorgia Melonispeaking at the Ambrosetti forum in Cernobbio.

“With the sanctions against Russia, we explained to ourselves already in February and I trusted them, we bring them to their knees. 7 months have passed and the numbers of the International Monetary Fund say that the result is the opposite: Russia sells, exports and earns like not ever and who is losing out? You. Not because Putin tells me so, but because I am paid by Italian citizens I say you asked us for sanctions? Well, now Europe gives the necessary money not to close the companies and not to lose the work “, the position that Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, reiterates. For the number 1 of the Carroccio, no ‘discount’ in Moscow. “If we win the elections, we will go to the government with a foreign minister who could be in here, we will move forward” with respect to the sanctions against Russia, “but Italian entrepreneurs and workers cannot lose out, we need a European shield”. And therefore “we will continue with the path of punishment of the regime that attacked, but protecting our entrepreneurs and our workers”. Because “winning the elections by inheriting a country on its knees would not be a great satisfaction”, says Salvini, invoking a “European protective shield”.

For Enrico Letta, Secretary of the Democratic Party, Salvini’s statements on sanctions against Russia are “free phrases in the electoral campaign that risk causing very heavy damage to Italy, to our reliability and to our role in Europe. This way of campaigning is irresponsible. on the skin of the country’s reliability “. “Sanctions are fundamental as retaliation for war but they are fundamental if we Europeans apply them all together because if we are all together we are very strong. Going each on our own makes no sense. If we are together we win”, he says.

The leader of the League is also in the crosshairs of Carlo Calenda. “What does Salvini claim? What is Europe that invaded Ukraine? I remember Salvini saying no to drills and I remember him today when he says yes to drills. We have seen so many that I don’t think it’s even worth talking about” , the words of the leader of Action in Cernobbio.

At the end of the day, the position of Giuseppe Conte. “The sanctions are doing a lot of harm to us but we must keep them. There is not only the GDP but also the democratic values ​​and the law that have been blatantly violated. But politics must perform its duty, it is not entrusted only to Washington, the we do here too and politics must say that the rearmament race is madness “, says the leader of the M5S at the presentation of the book by Stefano Fassina.