Elections 2022, Segre a Meloni: “Remove the flame from the party logo”

The senator for life: “Let’s start with facts, not with words and hypotheses”

“In my life I have heard of everything and more, the words therefore do not affect me more than a little.
To Giorgia Melons I say this: you start by removing the flame from your party logo
“It is the comment that the life senator Liliana Segre entrusted to Pagine Ebraiche about the recent position taken by the leader of the Brothers of Italy on the historical responsibilities of fascism. “Let’s start with facts, not words and hypotheses”, Segre emphasizes.

In a message addressed to the international press, Meloni had argued among other things: “The Italian right has consigned fascism to history for decades now, unambiguously condemning the deprivation of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws”. Words that are causing a lot of reactions. But that if they are not accompanied by concrete facts, Segre a Hebrew Pages suggests, they will not have any real consistency.