Elections 2022, Serracchiani: “With Meloni and Salvini Italy on the side of the vetoes”

The interview of the parent company Pd in ​​the Chamber of Adnkronos

“The distortion of the Constitutional Charter” and “Italy’s European position” are the risks that the country would run with the victory of the right in the elections. She said it Debora Serracchiani in an interview with Adnkronos. “The internal risks are the distortion of the Constitutional Charter, they believe in presidentialism. On the other hand, the very strong doubt, the fear that emerges from the latest statements by Giorgia Meloni, is the position in Europe – explained Serracchiani -. It is one thing to stay on the side of Scholz, Macron and Sanchez, of Europe that counts and that is defending the European interests opposed by those referred to by Meloni and Salvini, Orban and the countries that with their vetoes are preventing us from taking steps forward with respect to the ‘energy emergency “.

“The last days are the most important. There is greater attention to the issues on which people have to decide. Beyond the oriented voters, many are inquiring about certain issues such as the environment, work and the clear position we have assumed on the issue of energy and relations in Europe “, continues the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber. “I find great attention and desire to lend a hand, help, be on the side of the PD and the progressive area. It is very positive, I see that there is a revival”, she added.

DEAR BILLS – To stop the expensive bills, first of all, “the decoupling of the cost of energy produced by gas from that of renewables. It would greatly reduce the cost of bills if we think that 40% of electricity is produced by gas”, he underlined.

Among the proposals of the Democratic Party there is also “the social bill for families with low incomes and micro enterprises, the possibility of accessing energy that comes only from renewables with costs reduced by more than 50%”, explained the leader of the Democratic Party in the House.

“There has been a step forward, but it is not enough. Businesses need liquidity to pay their bills. We have asked for a moratorium on the repayment of Covid debts that companies are repaying at the moment or that there is a bridging loan to pay the bills “, added the representative of the Democratic Party.

UKRAINE-RUSSIA – “I cannot hide the concern, which I believe belongs to all Italians, from Europe and the West. Putin used very harsh terms, he threatened the West and the European position”, Serracchiani’s words. “We must continue to defend Ukraine, because Europe is defending itself, and insist on serious peace negotiations, otherwise there will be a very dangerous escalation – explained Serracchiani -. All the actors who have moved up to now, Turkey, the United Nations, the European countries, must take the field strongly and before the escalation gets out of hand. Putin’s referendums are two fingers in the eyes of any negotiation “.

PD – A female secretary of the Democratic Party? “I would not make it a gender issue. Also because I believe there are so many competent women in the Democratic Party that we risk having a Congress where only women show up”, she continued the dem. “I do not know who will be the next secretary of the Democratic Party, the Congress has a natural deadline for next year. I would not speed up the times, it does not seem appropriate to talk about Congress now also because we will only talk about it – the leader of the Democratic Party explained to the Chamber – . Today Congress is not on the agenda because on the agenda is the victory in the next elections in which we believe and in which we are all committed “.

LAW 194 – “Meloni repeated it” that he did not want to touch 194, “but he did it with enormous ambiguity”, Serracchiani added. “The law is distorted in the words of Meloni, it is clear what is happening in the regions that the Brothers of Italy is governing. There is an objective difficulty in accessing the possibilities of 194. After that, we all agree that it should be applied the law completely but, in fact, we have not created the conditions to prevent this from happening “, explained the group leader to the Chamber of the Democratic Party.