Elections 2022, the Northern League candidate Nappi is a candidate in Naples: “Building amnesty immediately, my word”

“Building amnesty for Campania immediately, my word”. Here is the electoral gimmick you do not expect. There is a photomontage on social media (and League chats), with a bulldozer in action intent on razing a house, built without permits, complete with policemen intent on watching while working on the street. It would seem a normal operation wanted by the magistrate, but for Severino Nappi, regional councilor of the Lega-Salvini Premier in Campania, and now candidate for the Chamber by Matteo Salvini, the one shown in the graphics is an unfair act, which must be immediately opposed an amnesty, voting Lega next September 25th.

“The plague of demolitions, which throws entire families with women, children and the elderly on the streets, must end”, he writes on his Facebook page, claiming the “2003 building amnesty for Campania. Now!”. Words that are discussing the electoral chats of the Northern League who remember how the former blue is not new to the request for amnesty, already his workhorse in 2018, to the last policies.