Elections 2022, the virtual confrontation between the Center-right and the Democratic Party: the two squares

Several numbers, stylistic choices and the latest appeals to the vote

Two squares against. Better, the same square and the same stage and two electoral campaign closures for the Elections 2022that of center rightyesterday, and that of Pd, today, in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo. Two different worlds and a ‘virtual’ confrontation.

Starting from numbers. Putting aside the traditional wars of figures, the images in the wide field leave little doubt about the turnout in the square: it is the center-right that can claim the widest participation.

Then there are the stylistic choices, which also make the two narratives different. The structure of the two events, more traditional, centered on the four leaders, Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi and Lupi, for the center-right; more choral, with a tight sequence of interventions for the center-left, two minutes each for everyone, alternating the front lines, young people and representatives of civil society. The music, with the songs that resound from the loudspeakers: on the stage of the center-right “Su di noi” by Pupo, on that of the center-left the notes of “Bella ciao” and then “Life is life”.

Then there are the last appeals to the vote. We inevitably end up, on both sides, in a list of titles, which make two posters that can be summarized with the words most articulated by the leaders.

The center-right in Piazza del Popolo is confident, strong from the polls and the advantage accumulated so far: “We will govern for five years“. Three key messages. Meloni:” If we have the numbers, reforms even without the left “. Salvini:” Immediately 30 billion for bills and stop the Fornero law. “Berlusconi:” We are the majority, Italy is not. it wants to be ruled by the left “.

The Democratic Party must overturn the prediction and aims to convince the undecided. Enrico Letta summarizes with all the others who preceded him behind: “We talked about the Italy of the future“. Focusing on choice, and the slogan ‘choose’. Starting from” work, the center of our electoral campaign “. he closes, saying several times “long live Europe” and quoting David Sassoli: “We are hope” Fabio Insenga)