Elections 2022, von der Leyen: “If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools”

The President of the European Commission on the vote of 25 September: “We’ll see, dynamics change in the Council”

“If things go in a difficult direction, I have already talked about Hungary and Poland, we have tools”. Thus, two days after the vote, the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, about the Italian political elections of 25 September. “We will see the outcome of the elections, we also had them in Sweden. My approach is that any democratic government wants to work with us, we work together,” she said in response to a question from students in Princeton, New Jersey.

“And it is interesting to see – he continued – how the European Council works: you are not just a member state that says ‘I want this, I want that’, but you are in the Council and you realize your future and your well-being also depends on that. of all the others 26. It is the beauty of democracy. Sometimes we are slow, we talk a lot, I know. But democracy is also this “. “So we will see how these elections go: the people, to whom governments must respond, also play an important role”, she concluded.