Elections 2022, who wins (Meloni) and who loses (Letta and Salvini)

FdI brings the center-right to the government. The League under 10% and the Democratic Party under 20%, M5S third party

This time the expectations of the eve are substantially respected. With an undeniable fact and without discussion:

the winner of the 2022 elections is
one, Giorgia Meloni, who brings the center-right to the government
and with a large majority in both the House and the Senate. The news should be sought within the coalition led by the Brothers of Italy, with the substantial downsizing of the Leagueand out of the majority, with the collapse of the Democratic Party under 20%, the rebirth of Giuseppe Conte’s Cinquestelle and the Terzo Polo which fails to slow down the center-right’s race, as was the ambitions declared by Carlo Calenda, but conquers significant room for maneuver.

The analysis of the numbers, when the count is still in progress and the results are not definitive, says that Italy has radically changed its path. The center-right will govern, in all likelihood (the only margin of doubt is only theoretical and can only be dissolved with the formal appointment by the Head of State Sergio Mattarella) with a female prime minister and, as the CNN immediately wanted to highlight in the his breaking news immediately after the polls closed, with a woman leader of the party “furthest to the right since Mussolini”. Staying in the center-right, Forza Italia and Lega, both around 8%, are very distant in specific weight from the 26% of Fratelli d’Italia. And the balance in the coalition will affect the composition of the government and the resilience of the new majority.

In the field of the opposition, the results are such as to predict upheaval, especially in the Pd home. What comes out of the 2022 elections is the worst defeat of the center-left since the war. A historic defeat, born before the vote with the choices on alliances, those made and those not made, with Cinquestelle on one side and Terzo Polo on the other. And a defeat matured after an electoral campaign conducted in defense, favoring a narrative linked to the specter of the right’s victory over a credible alternative proposal.

Precisely the two forces that, for different reasons and with different timing, escaped marriage with the Dems, come out better from the electoral round. The movement led by Giuseppe Conte, around 16%, has recovered from the polls of a few months ago, while halving the huge consensus gained in 2018, when with 33% it was the first party. The Third Pole of Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi does not break through but lays the foundations for a growth path that can lead to the expansion of its basin in the moderate center area.

From tomorrow, there is a center-right that governs and an opposition that must rediscover its identity. Starting from the re-founding of the Democratic Party, the strength still numerically more significant despite the sensational defeat, in the field that is proposed as an alternative to the Meloni traction majority. (from Fabio Insenga)