Elections 25 September, gas price ignites 2022 voting campaign

New peaks for gas, the concern of industrialists. Calenda proposes to stop the election campaign for a day. Read: “Immediately a decree on tax credit and prices”

The prices of gas and electricity are soaring that the rises steal the show from all the other issues debated by the leaders in these days of campaign in view of the political elections of 25 September 2022. The price of gas yesterday recorded a new peak at 323 euros before slowing down and hovering around 315 euros. The day saw the spotlight on the proposed Carlo Calenda to suspend the electoral campaign to allow the Draghi government to take action against expensive gas, to “support the government’s plan, including the regasification plant, and a possible budget variance”. “My proposal is that of a one-day time out at the electoral campaign, to make a commitment to support the Draghi government, to meet with all the leaders, even if we were to make a budget shift” says the leader of Action al Rimini meeting.

A proposal that becomes an opportunity for another heated question and answer with Matteo Salvini. “Calenda probably says that the electoral campaign must be suspended because he knows he has already lost, before starting” comments the leader of the League, for whom on the price of gas “it is Europe that must move, so we hope that Europe will impose this blessed roof for companies. In the meantime, however, we cannot wait months for them to wake up in Brussels, if even in this case they do not move, Italy cannot wait “. “If I were in the Prime Minister – adds Salvini – I would convene today in Rome Eni, Enel, A2a, the oil producing companies and the refineries to agree with them internally a ceiling on the increase in gas, since someone is there earning billions. If gas goes up, light goes up, there are companies that produce and distribute that are earning billions and billions. Putting a cap on these extra earnings is possible. “

“Salvini’s answer that I would be ‘afraid of losing’ is a teenager’s answer, from someone who has never worked a day in his life outside of politics; and not even inside. I have been through adolescence for quite a while. .. – Calenda replies to the Northern League leader – Take a tour of the small and medium-sized companies and the artisans who once voted for the League and ask what the situation is. I didn’t ask to suspend the elections! every day, to help the Draghi government to take action. If Salvini does not want to do it and wants to continue kissing cows and hams or going around on the beaches, go ahead. We feel the duty to act and we are ready to do it, everyone together, even tomorrow “.

It is also to intervene Giuseppe Conte. The alarm about the gas rush launched today by Calenda, who asked to suspend the electoral campaign? “But sorry where is the responsibility? When I said it because I was the only one to say it? What did Calenda do? Does she wake up today for the electoral campaign?” says the leader of the M5S guest of Tg4. “In March – he adds – I had a very hard fight at Palazzo Chigi with Draghi, when I said that it was not the case to focus on rearmament because there were other emergencies, where were the other political forces? Today they discover that there is a problem of expensive energy? “.

In the words of Carlo Bonomi the concern of the industrialists: “Every day we see a rise in the price of gas. The Draghi government can and must intervene”. “We need interventions such as a ceiling on the price of gas, if it is not done at a European level it must be done at a national level”, said the president of Confindustria speaking on Tg1. Furthermore, it is necessary to “decouple the price of electricity from that of gas” and “the temporary suspension of ETS certificates”. Finally, Bonomi asks to “reserve a portion of the production of renewable energy at administered cost, as they do in other countries”.

For Enrico Letta “A decree law that doubles the tax credit can be done tomorrow morning. We ask this government to do so, to avoid many companies from closing down. I believe there is a broad consensus in Parliament. fossil energy from that of renewables. It can be done, it must be done before the elections “, says the secretary of the Democratic Party to the Tg2 post.

Italy remains at the level of early warning: for our country the alarm does not go off or, worse still, the emergency, the three levels connected to the gas dossier. And this despite the latest price hike. “There is gas, there is no reason to think about rationing – explains an authoritative government source to Adnkronos – if anything the problem is another, that is the regasification plant. If at least one is not realized in a short time, in 2023 we will go into emergency, above all we will not be able to free ourselves, as we are doing, from Russian gas. Five billion cubic meters of gas would remain out because without a ‘container’ where they can be accommodated, and this despite the agreements made by the government to diversify: it would be the biggest joke. “

Italian pipes are now ‘full’, saturated, there is a need for more space to accommodate liquid gas, the so-called LNG. The government is perfectly aware of this, and this is also one of the worries that is being raised in these hours. Hours in which, on the table, there is the aid package for businesses that will arrive in September, the day before yesterday at the center of a meeting, said the same sources, between ministers Daniele Franco and Roberto Cingolani.

For companies in trouble, which continue to raise their alarm cry, the tax credit will again be leveraged, while for energy-intensive companies, explains the same source, “there will be two important packages at controlled prices, one concerning the gas and the other electricity. That’s all that can be done “. In addition to continuing the battle in Europe on the maximum gas price ceiling.

But the regasification problem remains central, with eyes on Piombino, where the ship should dock. March is the deadline, because the Italian ‘pipes’ will be saturated by the beginning of spring, so they risk not finding a home 5 billion cubic meters of gas needed to ‘scissor’ the demand from Moscow again, bringing it from 18% to 10 %. And to hit the 2024 goal to be completely independent of it. “The biggest joke”, reiterates the same source.