Elections 25 September, Renzi challenges Berlusconi: “Ready to confront”

The leader of Italia Viva: “If I met him I would say: dear Silvio, but how can you have sent Draghi home to support Meloni in his place?”

“In the good candidate’s kit, Berlusconi suggests attacking Calenda and Renzi. Too bad, dear Cavaliere, sin. But we respond with ideas, not with personal attacks”. This is how Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, expresses himself in his enews in view of the 2022 political elections scheduled for 25 September. Renzi ‘will challenge’ Silvio Berlusconi in Milan. “And I’m always ready for a public confrontation in Lombardy. Berlusconi has never had my vote, but he will never have my hate. If I met him I would say to him: dear Silvio, but how can you have sent Draghi home to support his place Meloni? Friends who voted Forza Italia: do you really prefer that Giorgia and not Mario be at the helm of the country? Really? “, says the senator.

Renzi does not spare Giuseppe Conte. “A sad short story. Giuseppe Conte nominates the former national anti-mafia prosecutor, Cafiero de Raho, who supported the need for waste-to-energy plants to fight crime. Well: does anyone remember that the grillini opened the crisis to NOT become the waste-to-energy plant in Rome? one part there is hypocrisy, on the other Italy seriously “, he writes.

“Who does not build waste-to-energy plants helps crime: I agree. The grillini? Today, however, Conte said that those on the left must vote for him. Giuseppe Conte, that is to say Trump’s friend, said this. man who signed the Salvini decrees on immigration, the man who defined himself as sovereign at the UN and populist before the League: Giuseppe Conte, himself, the point of reference of the left “, he continues.

“Everyone applauds Draghi but they are the same ones who sent him home. We are the only ones who are consistent in our support for Draghi”, he said, highlighting the support shown towards the Prime Minister. “Let’s go on, friends, September 25 must be a surprise for everyone and everyone”.