Elections 25 September, Salvini: “If we win, Lega will take care of security”

“I have done something about immigration and security and I would be able to do”

“I have done something about immigration and security and I would be able to do. I guarantee you that if we win the elections, a man or a woman from the League will deal with security and immigration in this country.” The secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini says this in a rally in Ostia.

“Borders will be protected again and security will once again be a priority. From 26 September, if we win, reintroduce the League’s security decrees and immigration will be controlled again,” he adds.

“Enrico Letta is a genius, he managed to get booed at the Rimini Meeting, something that no one had ever managed in the past”, he says during the event. “Letta – he adds – made a proposal that I don’t know how he thought it, I don’t know how it came to him, even in the middle of the night, after a gin and tonic you get something like that. He proposed compulsory asylum and compulsory high school, and he got the whistles. “

“But why does a 16-year-old who wants to go to work have to be forced to go to school? Why does a 4-year-old child have to go to state kindergarten? This – Salvini argues – is the statist, centralist, bureaucratic mentality, where everything the state decides, the citizens come before the state “.

“On the left they don’t understand the flat tax, and they keep saying that the flat tax can’t be done. Enrico, don’t worry, the flat tax is already a reality. That Calenda phenomenon either exists or does, says that flat tax helps Berlusconi “, he claims.

“Berlusconi does not need the flat tax, we want to give it to families of up to 70 thousand euros of income, which are not rich families. The money is already largely allocated with the reform of the Draghi government. The flat tax at 15%. – added Salvini – is the only way to beat tax evasion. You can’t beat tax evasion by enriching the banks with ATMs and credit cards “.