Elections 25 September, the Pd plan for young people

Key word ‘autonomy’. From farewell to free internships to voting for 16-year-olds and the ‘dowry’ of 10 thousand euros for 18-year-olds, a widespread campaign

From stopping free internships to voting for 16-year-olds. The Democratic Party presents a series of proposals for young people. “The polls say that about 40% of Italians do not want to vote or have not decided, we are talking to those, I count very much on 18-year-olds”, Enrico Letta said yesterday in Milan, inaugurating the electoral campaign alongside Carlo Cottarelli and the others. dem candidates in Lombardy. A widespread participation campaign is dedicated to the vote of young people, according to the polls, the Democratic Party is already the first party, and to their mobilization.

First on the web – again yesterday is the opening, with a video by Alessandro Zan, of the Tik Tok channel of the Democratic Party, on which however Letta will not be present (“no Pirandello masks, the others look like boomers posted at 18-year-old parties”, they say from the Nazarene) – then on the territories. Not generic or rhetorical appeals, but a real call to action on some targeted themes: rights, environment, ius scholae and integration, sport.

“And then a plan aimed first of all at freeing the energies of the children under the banner of a key word: ‘autonomy’. Which mainly means freedom to fulfill oneself in life and in the profession”, explains the Democratic Party. This is the plan in a nutshell. The first proposal is the “endowment of € 10,000, paid at the age of 18 on the basis of the family Isee, to cover expenses relating to housing, education and starting a job. The costs of this measure they will mainly be covered by the additional income deriving from the change in the tax rate on inheritance and donations exceeding 5 million euros (equal to 0.2% of the total inheritances and donations in Italy) “.

And then, “no more free internships. The Democratic Party proposes to make the apprenticeship the main tool for entering the labor market and we will provide for the abolition of extra-curricular internships except for those activated in the 12 months following the conclusion of a course of study , in any case paid and for a maximum duration of 12 months, so as to ensure that the tool returns to represent an opportunity for training (and no longer for masked and underpaid work, as often happens now) “.

“Internships that are effectively an integral part of the curricula of studies (so-called curricular) must have a limited duration, provide for strict controls on any abuse and safety and adequate forms of reimbursement of expenses actually incurred (through the establishment of a dedicated Fund at the Ministry of Education)”.

Furthermore, “zeroing of the contributions for the permanent hiring of young people up to 35 years of age and we will eliminate atypical and precarious contractual forms”. And again “support for girls and boys in the path to leave home earlier, strengthening the guarantee fund for first home loans and introducing a rent contribution of € 2,000 for students and workers (under 35) based on income”.

Therefore, “guarantee pension, which immediately allocates the resources necessary to guarantee a decent pension for those with discontinuous and precarious working careers. Improvement of the single and universal allowance for dependent children, strengthening the safeguard clauses, in particular for people with disabilities and families with disabled children, and reviewing the weight of the first home in the calculation of the ISEE used for the single allowance itself “.

And finally, “strengthening the participation of girls and boys in the political life of the country, lowering the voting age to 16 and promoting adoption – already proposed by the Democratic Party during this legislature, and not approved due to its early termination – of a new law for out-of-seat voting, respecting the principles of integrity, secrecy and freedom of voting “.