Elections 25 September, TV and social networks: who are the most present politicians

Sensemakers and Geca analysis exclusively for Prima Comunicazione: monitoring from 3 to 20 August

Electoral campaign between social media and TV of party leaders for Politics 2022 on 25 September. Who is most present on the screens? Who is on the podium? To monitor and cross the exposure on television media and social networks of political and institutional figures is aanalysis by Sensemakers and Geca made exclusively for Prima Comunicazione. To be taken into consideration is the period from 3 to 20 August 2022.

As the analysis explains, “from the comparison between the television rankings (based on the TV speech) and the social ones (based on the number of interactions) it emerges that in the reference period, the first three positions are different: in the TV ranking stand out Calenda, Berlusconi and Letta (the latter not present in the Top10 social networks), in the latter Salvini, Meloni and Conte, with the emergence of traditionally very active figures on social networks (Paragone, Di Battista). Another relevant difference – we read again – is represented by strong polarization of social interactions with the first three places firmly occupied by Salvini, Meloni and Conte (which in the reference period collected 47% of the overall interactions) and all the others very distant “. But, the analysis continues,” the probably most interesting data of this first survey is also constituted by the lack of political exponents of the Democratic Party and its coalition in the Top10 social“.

To excel on Facebook, according to the Sensemakers and Geca analysis, would be Conte, while Calenda on Twitter and Salvini on Instagram. Meloni, on the other hand, would remain “always in second position”. However, the polarization of “more radical politicians like Paragone and Di Battista” on Facebook is strong. Finally, it should be noted that TikTok, an emerging social network, seems to be “heavily manned” only by Salvini and Conte