Elections Brazil 2022, Bolsonaro: “I vote with Selecao jersey or military in the polling stations”

The challenge of the outgoing president to the Supreme Court which banned it for tellers and election officials

A few days before the elections in Brazilit is now open war between for the national football team jerseyyellow and green, which has now become the banner and the symbol of the supporters of Jair Bolsonaro. And the far-right president – far behind in the polls compared to the challenger, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – has come to threaten to send the army to the polling stations where it will not be allowed to vote wearing the colors of the famous Selecao. .

I invite everyone to vote in a green and yellow shirtwhat the Armed Forces can guarantee is that voting in yellow and green will be guaranteed, “Bolsonaro said in his weekly social media message.” Armed forceswho participate in security, that any constituency that prohibits entry with a shirt will stop voting operations “, he added.

Once again the president’s attack is aimed at the Supreme Court which in effect did not prohibit voters from wearing the jersey, but electoral officials and scrutineers, recalling how the electoral law prohibits them from wearing T-shirts, badges or anything else that could make electoral propaganda.

But in his attack Bolsonaro made no difference, once again lashing out against President Alexandre de Moraes, accusing him of playing Lula’s game: “Are we in a democracy or in the state of Alexandre de Moraes? What are you afraid of, are you afraid of? that the world sees Brazil voting in yellow and green? “.

The Brazil national team jersey has become the official uniform of Bolsonaro’s supporters in rallies and demonstrations. So much so that by now its colors have lost the connotation of national sentiment, or love for the green-gold, and have become the symbol of the far-right movement led by the president.

“Undoubtedly, many are ashamed of wearing yellow-green colors and being associated with Bolsonarism,” said Sergio Coutinho, historian of the Universidad Nacional de Brasilia, commenting on the decision of many Brazilian football fans – in view of the upcoming World Cup. will hold next November in Qatar – to no longer wear the beloved colors so as not to appear as a supporter of the far-right president. ”

“The supporters of the president have appropriated the national flag following the old anti-communist tradition”, adds the historian, recalling how the colors green and yellow were used in the first decades of the 20th century, against the radical leftand also during the military dictatorship between 1964 and 1986. And remember that one of the slogans of Bolsonaro’s supporters is “our flag will never be red”.

Despite this, the shirt of the oroverdi gods, glory and pride of the entire nation for football successes all over the world, has always been loved and respected by all Brazilians. The situation began to change in 2013, with massive anti-corruption protests against Dilma Roussef, the left-wing president who succeeded Lula, culminating in her dismissal. Most of the participants in the protests wore the national team shirt.

Then when Bolsonaro broke into the political scene with force, allied with a small liberal party without its own colors, there was the real appropriation of the national colors: “my party is Brazil”, said the far-right leader.