Elections, Calenda’s video on energy: “Here is who put us in Putin’s hands”

The leader of Action has published a short video in which the statements – issued over the years – by various politicians are proposed, from Franceschini to Salvini, from Meloni to Di Maio and Conte, all against drilling and other projects

“Right and left populism has destroyed any attempt to make this country autonomous and safe from an energy point of view. Do not forget so as not to make the same mistakes again”. With these words, on Twitter, Carlo Calenda introduces a video in which you can see a long roundup of politicians from different camps who, over the years, have spoken out against drilling in Italian waters and other projects. The video begins with the words “Who put us in Putin’s hands …” and then proposes the statements of various exponents, from Dario Franceschini to Salvini, from Meloni to Di Maio and Conte (SKY TG24 SPECIAL: TOWARDS THE VOTE – ALL THE NEWS ON THE ELECTIONS LIVE).

The solutions

The second part of the video – in total the video lasts 3 and a half minutes – is instead introduced by the words “Who had given the solutions”, followed by a speech by Calenda in 2017, when he was at the helm of the Ministry for Economic Development in the government by Paolo Gentiloni. Calenda said, during the presentation of the National Energy Strategy after the CDM of 10 November 2017: “What is the goal? The goal is to reduce – the Sen foresees it in 2030 – the energy dependence of the country which, as you know , is one of Italy’s Achilles heels. Because what we cannot afford is to start working on the accelerated process to get out of coal in electricity production and, at the same time, have Regions and Municipalities blocking all infrastructure in Italy. be very clear that this program can be done if there is very strong conviction and involvement of local authorities to quickly close the infrastructure plan that we have detailed and which is an integral part of this decision “.