Elections, Conte: “I declined a nomination for a supplementary Rome”

“I thank the Pd and Letta for their availability and loyalty in the proposal”, but “I still have a lot to do for the M5S”

“I declined” the proposed candidacy for the supplementary rounds of Rome for the seat in the Chamber vacated by Roberto Gualtieri. This was announced by the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, answering a question at a press conference in Montecitorio. “I thank the Democratic Party and Letta for their availability and loyalty in the proposal“, but” after a new supplement of reflection I realized that at this stage I still have a lot to do for the M5S. It is not possible for me to devote myself to anything else “, the words of the former premier.

“So many times you in the press have ‘put me in the middle’ of this story of by-elections for Parliament and I had already declared that I was not interested. Not out of arrogance, because it would be rather an honor on my part”, but “for this I believe that it would not be correct, having to dedicate myself to the Movement, to run for a position for which I would risk being absentee “explains the leader of the M5S. “On this occasion – he clarifies – I took a small supplement for reflection because I believed that with the creation of these M5S Committees I could have more time available. I thought about it a lot but then I realized that in any case we still have a lot to do for the Movement and that at this moment it is not possible for me to dedicate myself to anything else “.

And to those who ask him if the supplement of reflection on his candidacy in the Rome 1 college (later declined) is due to the need to better control the parliamentary groups in view of the vote on the President of the Republic, Conte replies: “The ‘formula’ of control of parliamentarians does not touch me. You will see, the M5S will be the most compact political force in the passage to the Quirinale “.

TEAM M5S – “We will have a Movement capable of acting as a team, no one will go in no particular order“says the leader of the M5S during the press conference for the presentation of the political committees of the 5 Star Movement.” Now there is the possibility to make the M5S take a shot, focusing on the skills of its men and women to win the challenges that await us and defend the achievements already obtained – says Conte – On 9 and 10 December the members are called to pronounce themselves on the approval of the appointment of the five vice-presidents and on the election of the members of the political committees “.

“Thousands of subscribers will decide, participation is the only way we know to share the project. We will have a Movement capable of acting as a team. I like to point out that the decisions will be deliberated by thousands of members, who will help to decide outside of fireplaces and secret rooms “. The team “was decided not for currents or sympathies, for consortiums or acquaintances, but for skills”, the former prime minister remarked, claiming that he had “never thought of being the only man in charge. We decide all together”. And he points out that “not only honesty, which remains at the top of our values, is there and will always be there, but also skills and competences”.

QUIRINALE – Then the Quirinale. “I will show you that the M5S will be the most compact political force in this delicate phase for the democratic life of the country”, assures Conte. On the Quirinal elections “I do not think that my presence in Parliament should be necessary. Not having a seat will not be an obstacle to finding the solution” that the M5S wants to pursue, that is a Head of State with a “high moral profile. I will continue to meet citizens in the area, to cultivate a dialogue “and this” will not prevent me from participating as a protagonist in the election of the President of the Republic. I am the leader of the strongest political force in the majority “and already” today, on the maneuver, there are contacts with the other leaders who will continue when the elections “to the presidency of the Republic” come to life “.

Mario Draghi next president of the Republic? “He has quite a job, leading a government with so many things to do, so many challenges ahead of him. Government activity requires a lot of concentration, let’s let him work,” says the leader of the M5S.

BERLUSCONI – As for Silvio Berlusconi, Conte observes: “I am pleased that Berlusconi appreciates the usefulness of the measure of citizenship income, I do not believe in malicious reading, I do not believe there will be an instrumental attitude “of the Knight in view of the election of the next President of the Republic.” But, in all transparency, I say that the position of the M5S has not changed, when I say that Berlusconi will not be the candidate of the M5S I mean that we will look to other candidates. Berlusconi is the leader of a political force, but we have other visions in view of the vote for the Quirinale. “

GOVERNMENT – “The country needs everything less than a political crisis that leads to early elections – he then underlines with regard to the executive – We need stability. We have asked the EU for an investment, a change of pace, and the Next Generation EU. Making a crisis a year would mean exposing the country to a loss of credibility. I will fight, with the M5S, to introduce mechanisms that guarantee stability to governments “.

RENZI – The latest thrusts of Matteo Renzi? “When he sees certain pedantic, coarse outings, which foreshadow a battlefield more than a wide field, here I believe there are no attitudes, the prerequisites for a wide field” said the leader of the M5S at a press conference.