Elections Denmark, the left ahead but without the majority

The center-left coalition of the resigning Danish premier Mette Frederiksen is the one that has obtained the most votes in the early elections in Denmark, according to the exit polls, but without a sufficient majority to face the center-right opponents. Frederiksen would have won 80 seats of the 179 that make up the Parliament of Denmark. The center-right coalition would instead receive 79 seats, again according to projections. While the new center party founded by former conservative prime minister Rasmussen, who has not yet revealed which of the two major camps he could ally with, would have won 17 seats out of 179, imposing himself as arbiter in the challenge. Actual results are expected in the next few hours.

The mink scandal

The consultations became necessary after the resignation of the Social Democratic Prime Minister Matte Fredriksen following the so-called ‘mink scandal’ (the killing of millions of specimens in the unfounded conviction of thus stemming the Covid-19 pandemic). A center-right and a center-left block are in the running, plus a new party of ‘Moderates’ founded by former premier Rasmussen, and a nationalist right-wing, the ‘Danmarksdemokraterne’.