Elections, Guerini: “Default risk for Italy with the right in government”

Lorenzo Guerini, Minister of Defense and leader of one of the most influential areas of the Democratic Party, predicts that, in the event of a victory by the right in the next elections, Italy risks a default of accounts as happened in 2011 with Berlusconi

“If the right wins” – clarified Lorenzo Guerini in an interview with La Stampa, “Italy risks isolation in Europe and a default of accounts as happened in 2011 with Berlusconi”. The Defense Minister also criticized “those who hold back on aid to Ukraine because they do not want peace, but Putin’s victory”.

Italy has strengthened its credibility

And on the risk that with Giorgia Meloni as premier Italy could be put on the margins of NATO, he clarifies: “ The fundamental choices supported by Italy up to now have strengthened its credibility thanks to solid principles and concrete commitments: defense of the East collective defense in Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Eastern Mediterranean, aid to Ukraine, consolidation of interests in the enlarged Mediterranean, strengthening partnerships with the European countries most likely to build a strong European defense in NATO. Cracking the set of political principles that underlie this collective effort can cause us to slip back and lose ground. And it is a risk that cannot be run: it would go against the interest of our country ”.

Europe’s strategy

In Ukraine, the strategy of Europe and NATO ” is to be aware that a true and just peace cannot be confused with the surrender of Ukraine – he underlines – For this we are supporting Kiev, and we will continue to do so as long as it is necessary, to defend ourselves. from a bloody and unjustified aggression. Those who say that we must not help Ukraine to stop the war in reality do not want peace, but Putin’s victory in disregard of all the principles of international law and coexistence among peoples ”.