Elections, here is the program of the M5s: from DRC and minimum wages to cashback and cannabis

“On the right side” will be the slogan of Giuseppe Conte’s election campaign. The main issues include the limit of 2 mandates for all, the environment, the extension of the right to vote to 16-year-olds, the Superbonus and the Ius scholae

The program of the 5 Star Movement in view of the political elections of next September 25 is ready and the leader of the pentastellati Giuseppe Conte is preparing to launch his electoral campaign with the slogan “On the right side”. From fiscal cashback to definitive cancellation of IRAP, from cutting the tax wedge for companies and workers to the minimum wage; then again citizenship income, measures for women and young people: here are the points of the program in detail. (2022 ELECTIONS. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

Environment and reforms

It starts from the environment: the Movement led by Giuseppe Conte dusts off one of its flagships, namely the building superbonus, and adds the new superbonus “energy enterprises”, again based on the circulation of tax credits. The program then provides for the “stop to new drilling and new incinerators”. Speaking of reforms, however, the pentastellates propose the introduction of “constructive distrust” and the “power of the prime minister to dismiss the ministers”. Then again: extension to 16-year-olds of the right to vote, a law on conflict of interest, a stop to “shirt changes” in Parliament. The list of measures also includes the extension of the limit of the two mandates “to all parties”, a theme dear to the guarantor of the 5 Star Movement Beppe Grillo.

Cannabis, ius scholae and enhancement of craftsmanship

On the legality front, the 5 Star Movement focuses, among other things, on regulating the cultivation of cannabis for personal use. On the subject of rights, “egalitarian marriage and the law against homotransphobia”, sexual and emotional education in schools and “ius scholae” emerge. As far as training is concerned, the pentastellati are thinking of introducing a “school of trades” to “enhance and recover the tradition of Italian craftsmanship”.

Defense of animals and no rearmament

The program presented by Giuseppe Conte’s party also includes the defense of animals: among the proposals we find the “progressive abolition of hunting” starting from the ban on access to private land and the “veterinary cashback” to obtain “the deductions related to veterinary and drug expenses “. Finally, on the international level, the “solid position of Italy in the Atlantic alliance and in the European Union” is reaffirmed, but with “a proactive and non-fideistic attitude”. The “no to the rearmament race” was also reiterated.