Elections, Ideas for Italy: Giuseppe Conte answers the questions of Sky TG24. VIDEO

The president of the M5S was a guest of Casa Italia, broadcast from Monday to Friday from 20.30. In the final part of the program, the leaders tell their proposals and recipes regarding six themes: inflation and expensive energy, taxation, work, young people and education, a topic of their choice (Conte has chosen health care). In six months we will see if whoever won the elections will have kept their promises

The president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, was a guest of Casa Italia, the Sky TG24 appointment dedicated to the elections of 25 September – broadcast from Monday to Friday from 20.30 – and hosted by Fabio Vitale. At the end of the program, the leaders explain what their proposals and ideas are on six topics: inflation and expensive energy, taxation, work, youth and education, climate change, any subject. One minute for each theme. In six months, we will see if those who won the elections have kept their promises. Here are Giuseppe Conte’s answers (SKY TG24 SPECIAL: TOWARDS THE VOTE – ALL VIDEOS – CASA ITALIA: INTERVIEWS WITH POLITICAL LEADERS – NUMBERS – THE CHALLENGE TO VOTING – FIND YOUR PARTY: THE SKY TG24 QUIZ – THE NEWS LIVE).

Dear energy

The recipe of the M5S is “to intervene in Europe because we need to return to the form of the common European debt to create financial resources for families and businesses not only in Italy but in Europe. Then a common purchase plan, common storage and a European price cap, this is the Energy Recovery Fund. Internally, we must intervene with much more substantial financial resources available to families and businesses. We have proposed the taxation of extra-profits, the government has written a rule that is obviously not well formulated, it must be rewritten, because not even the estimated 9 billion has arrived. We must do more, we must extend the taxation of extra-profits also to the insurance and pharmaceutical sector, we have been saying this for some time, and we must also consider – obviously with great attention – a possible change in the budget in order to create a plan of extraordinary intervention with a cut in the tax wedge to the benefit above all of workers but also of businesses “.


“First of all, the tax authorities must be simplified. All talking about flat tax, all saying ‘I do it at 15, at 23’, it is a question of putting 50-70-80 billion on the plate, it is a mockery for the Italians. Also because the forces of the center-right are 20 years, 30 years, saying they want to introduce a flat tax, why haven’t they done it before? They still curl the usual amazing promises but we must be serious, do not make fun of citizens and voters. We are for simplification first of all, we are those of cashback, now there is a much more sophisticated updated version, fiscal cashback: you go to the pharmacist, pay with electronic money and have a re-credit, the discount directly into the current account afterwards. a few hours. We can also extend it for veterinary expenses. This is the premise, along with many others, to recover the underground economy as well, 120 billion, there we will create the resources to then lower taxes in a sustainable way, and we must cancel IRAP for all businesses ”.


“Certainly support for businesses. We are those of the Guarantee Fund, In Conte 2 we have introduced the Guarantee Fund in favor of companies to generate liquidity and mortgages and loans. We have created the Skills Fund and many companies have taken advantage of it to retrain and offer new training to their employees. Here is the perspective, we must focus a lot on the tax credit, we want to extend it to the entire 4.0 transition plan. As for the workers, we cannot accept starvation wages, 2-3-4 euros gross per hour. Legal minimum wage of 9 euros gross minimum, that must be the threshold. And then we have to intervene to counteract the savage precariousness: today most of the contracts last only one day or 30 days. The incentives must be for permanent hiring. And then the cutting of the tax wedge, the new frontier in perspective: the reduction of working time, to offer everyone the opportunity to requalify their lives and be able to redeem the space of free time and working time “.

Youth and education

“We invested 10 billion in schools for the first time during the pandemic and you will remember in Count 2 we also invested a lot for university scholarships and thousands and thousands of positions for researcher contracts. We must continue to invest in that direction, but for young people in particular we must absolutely cancel what is an exploitation of labor, free internships are no longer acceptable. We must support young people with regard to mortgages, state-guaranteed mortgages, and for rents. And then a Guarantee Fund for young people, who are now unable to accumulate social security treatment useful for guaranteeing a decent pension. This is why a public-private mechanism, a guarantee fund that ensures our children and grandchildren a decent pension that they would not otherwise have. And many other measures, for example the free redemption of the degree “.

Climate change

“The fight against climate change means embracing an entirely ecological culture. It means implementing the constitutional principles that we have now introduced by amending the Constitution. The Constitution now includes the protection of the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems. So we must focus on a massive use of renewable sources. This is also the tool to get out of this climatic emergency, not new drilling that the only certainty is that they lead to the destruction of marine ecosystems. Not the prospect of new nuclear power plants, we have seen them, in Finland they took 12 years, in France they even created a hole of 19 billion. We invest heavily in the use of renewables, we continue with urban regeneration with the Superbonus but above all energy communities, everyone can become self-producers of energy with bills cost cuts of up to 40-45% “.

Last topic of choice: health

“I would very much like to talk about health because it will be one of the pillars of our action. We will fight to introduce a reform that keeps politics out of the way of health administration. We can no longer afford that executive positions are not entrusted to competence and professionalism and instead are entrusted to the friends of political friends. We must invest in health care because we have to learn lessons from the hard times of the pandemic, from this great challenge that has brought the country to its knees. We must invest in public health, and we take into account that there is a considerable gap, because per capita health expenditure in the North is 100 euros higher than for a citizen of the South. We must achieve and pursue the essential levels of performance to ensure uniformity to all over the country. We must avoid those lines of years even for diagnostic tests, avoid the lines in the emergency room, we must invest in territorial medicine. A patient who is cared for at home in a specialized way is in a more comfortable situation, it costs less to the State than hospitalization, obviously for less serious pathologies ”.