Elections, in Monza the mayors with Letta for the ‘recovery’ Pd

“In the next seven days an opportunity to change destiny already written”

(from the correspondent Alice Bellincioni) – On the notes of ‘Life is Life’ the ecobus of Enrico Letta was welcomed around 10.30 this morning by hundreds of mayors of the center-left in Piazza Roma, in the very center of Monzawhich was the setting for ‘I Comuni per l’Italia’, the initiative organized by Pd on the last Sunday before the vote, in conjunction with the Northern League rally on the lawn of Pontida. A dialectic, the one with the great manifestation of the Carroccio, which was a constant of the dem event, starting from the words of Enrico Letta, who defined Pontida “a province of Hungary” at the time of his arrival in Monza. (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, flags were waving in the square Pd and rainbow, in support of the Zan bill. “Proud of our secretary”, read a manifesto exhibited by supporters, including many old militants of the left. “I have been following politics for a lifetime, between PDS and Pd”, Roberto Brambilla, city councilor in Vimercate told Adnkronos (Mb) came to Monza by bicycle, “to demonstrate that the Pd it is alive and lively, that there are many of us to support it and that it can be done ”.

A square, that of Monza, defined “of the rescue” by the mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, one of the first to speak, among the twenty mayors who attended in the morning. He was then echoed by all the others, from the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, to that of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo, up to the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, who intervened in the videoconference, such as his colleague from Bari and president of Anci, Antonio Decaro, who drew on the cinema to incite the dem community: “Forrest Gump must be the metaphor of the last days of our electoral campaign: no one would have bet on him, but Forrest starts running and accomplishes an extraordinary feat”.

A victory, that of center left at elections policies of September 25, which seems possible from Monzawhere last June the candidate Pd, Paolo Pilotto, surprisingly defeated the outgoing mayor of Forza Italia, Dario Allevi, in the ballot. It was the new first citizen who welcomed the “many local administrators” – five hundred according to the Democratic Party – who gathered today in the Brianza capital. “Monza is the symbol of what will happen next Sunday,” he said Readconvinced that “in the seven days we have before we have the opportunity to change a destiny already written”.

To do this, the Pd focuses on abstentionists, undecided and young people, who according to Mayor Sala “must first of all be listened to”. Ddl Zan, ius scholae and above all the environment the themes on which they insisted to convince them. A challenge already won with the 26-year-old Sarah Brizzolara, a few months ago city councilor in Monza: “I started doing politics with Friday’s for future and then I realized that to have a greater representation of those issues, I had to join a party”, tells Adnkronos. The choice fell on the Democratic Party, because “even if it can become even more ecological – she admits – at the moment it is the largest environmentalist party we have in Italy”.

One issue, the environment, “on which the right spends its time making fun”, he said Readwho at the end of the demonstration with the mayors, summed up on Twitter: “Today with us Monza it is like a small capital of Europe. Pontida, with all due respect for its inhabitants, with Salvini is a province of Hungary. With Europe or with Orban. With democracy or with the squeezing of personal freedoms. #you choose”.