Elections, Luigi Crespi: “Open game, Icardi at Monza? Wouldn’t move votes”

“Pay attention that the game is completely open and the polls are not telling the truth”. Luigi Crespi, the former pollster of Silvio Berlusconi, creator of the famous ‘contract with the Italians’, but also spin doctor and film author, has no doubts, who in conversation with AdnKronos draws a first picture of the electoral campaign that has just begun and of the moves that party leaders are fine-tuning to gain acclaim. “Meloni starts as an absolute favorite and the Democratic Party is an outsider, with a series of satellites around that can be decisive. I think this will be a bit of the leitmotiv – explains Crespi -. Either nobody wins and after the vote Forza Italia will be decisive. and M5S, or the game will be played on the wire. “

According to the former pollster, who was the author of the communicative turn of the Cav, schemes used in the past such as buying a player to garner some more consensus would not move half a vote. “Berlusconi invented the total campaign – observes Crespi – there was no aspect of his life that was not leaning towards the electoral campaign. He was the greatest innovator and communicator at the turn of the two centuries but the time in which the I think the purchase of a player moves points ended twenty years ago. That model there cannot be reiterated “.

In concrete terms, if Berlusconi succeeded in realizing the impossible dream of bringing Mauro Icardi to Monza it would be “a nostalgic attempt to set up an extraordinarily successful model that no longer exists”, Crespi shortened. “Berlusconi himself – he continues – taught me that on the basis of a structure we must always propose new and credible things and Icardi at Monza is a vintage model” to gain approval. For Crespi, much more is needed. “The scheme used in this electoral campaign does not take into account two things – he highlights – the first is that we are leaving two years of pandemic, a traumatic situation for the electoral body. The second is the fall of the Draghi government, considered by all to be a person. reassuring, even if not acceptable. It is a fact that has not yet had an explanation except through the selfish vision of the parties. The game is played here. I believe Icardi does not move even an inch of the electoral body “.

And the polls of these days? “They are not reliable – Crespi points out – Just read the newspapers today: one says that for 60% of the interviewees the blame for the end of the Draghi government is to be attributed to Salvini, another speaks of 7%. Those who respond to the polls at the moment it is a low percentage of Italians, and scientifically the polls are less and less reliable in the summer “. For realistic surveys, according to Crespi, we have to wait until September, when the game will be clearer. “The first survey that I will look at carefully will be the one after September 10 – he says – research institutes after that date are at stake for their own credibility”. So far, according to Crespi, the leader who is doing the best in the electoral campaign is the secretary of the Democratic Party. “In relation to his party – observes Crespi – Letta, more than twice, used the polls as a parameter of his success, when we had an incredible election, where the Democratic party achieved results that no one expected in the ballot” .