Elections, Meloni and Salvini with their daughters, Berlusconi with his grandchildren: the family becomes a social star for the resumption of school

The center-right leaders share the return to class, the Cav in the chair: “Freedom is our first value”

Children (and grandchildren) ‘piezz’e core’. At any latitude, including politics, and even during the election campaign. ‘Accomplice’ the beginning of the school year that falls in the middle of the race that will end on September 25, in the center-right, in particular, the reference to the little ones (or not too small) struggling with the rite of passage also passes away social. Whether it is the first day ever, or the start of the new year, leaders do not hesitate to launch their auspicious message or even just a testimony of involvement in what remains a passage that ‘marks’ at any age. Lega leader Matteo Salvini began with the photo published in a tweet last September 7: “Happy back to school Mirta, my love, hugged by your big brother”. Message accompanied by a heart that cannot be redder, in line with what all the parents of the beautiful country probably do.

Just yesterday, an intense day of electoral campaign culminating in the confrontation with Enrico Letta, it was the Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni who wanted to fix in an image the moment in which she accompanies her daughter Ginevra, bringing her the backpack-trolley: “Here you are, with the your huge satchel, facing the first day of elementary school. We hold each other hand in hand as we meet our most difficult challenges. ego or envy. Only love can give you the energy you need to never lower your head, not to get lost, not to prefer shortcuts. Do it with love and nobody will stop you. Have a good trip, my love “.

More ‘practical’ Silvio Berlusconi, who at the end of August published the photo of the embrace with the little ones, today recalled in the electoral ‘pill’ that he even accompanied “two of my grandchildren” to class. It was the opportunity that the Cav did not miss to talk about the program and the values ​​that inspired it: “… and right in their classroom he got up from the desks in the back row, an intelligent-looking boy . and you said to me, Mr. President, would you like to tell us what freedom is for you? “. Issue on which the former prime minister can imagine if he lets himself be caught unprepared and therefore, since “the teacher had not yet arrived” “I sat in the chair and then I began to answer him with the eyes of all the boys in the class, who they were really intrigued, and I said ‘for me freedom is our first value, freedom is our symbol, freedom is our flag … “.