Elections, online voting: first simulation for Italians abroad in December

A two-day test is scheduled for 13 and 14 December, the aim is to get to the European elections with an experimental system

On 13 and 14 December, the Ministry of the Interior announced the start of the experiment for digital voting for Italians residing abroad, or who are temporarily outside national borders for work, study or health reasons. In those two days, the E-Vote Portal will be tested, the portal provided by the Ministry for citizens who want to vote from abroad, functioning only in European Union countries. According to what has been leaked, the objective would be to make online voting a reality for the European elections on 3 June 2024, or for next year’s local elections.

The test

To date it is not clear who will be involved in the test and how many voters will be able to try the portal, what is certain is that it will be a small number. Interested citizens will therefore be informed through a communication campaign by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the actual simulation taking place between 8am on Wednesday 13th and 8pm on Thursday 14th. It will be necessary to authenticate via digital identity before finding oneself in a a sort of ballot box where two ballots will appear, one for the Chamber and the other for the Senate, with (fictional) party symbols and names on which to express one’s preference. A void vote will not be considered, as the form must be filled in correctly otherwise the procedure will be forced to cancel. To simulate the blank card, however, no preference must be expressed before sending the card.