Elections Palermo 2022, chaos at the polling stations. Lamorgese: “Very serious”

The inconvenience due to sudden resignations of the presidents, then replaced. The Sicilian governor Musumeci: “Vote tomorrow too”. The municipal administration sends the documents to the Public Prosecutor’s Office

Chaos seats in Palermo, where the vote is underway for the administrative elections and for the referendum on justice. After a series of delays in operations with dozens of sections remaining closed due to sudden resignations by the presidentswere named and the last thirteen presidents took officebringing the “600 electoral sections” of the city back to regularity, as announced by the Prefecture of Palermo.

“The municipal administration has sent the documents to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for every action of competence aimed at ascertaining responsibility of a criminal nature”, made known by the municipal administration of Palermo.

From the Interior Ministry they let it be known, through a note from the Department for Internal Affairs, that “all voters who at 11pm on this Sunday are present in the polling station or inside the school complex or other building where the seat is located can exercise their right to vote even after 11 pm until completion of the voting operations of all the aforementioned voters “.

LAMORGESE – “It is very serious that in Palermo, without any warning, a large number of seat presidents did not show up for the inauguration, or has renounced the post, delaying the start of the voting operations “declared the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese.” Such an attitude expresses an absolute lack of respect for institutions and citizens, called on this electoral and referendum day to exercise a fundamental constitutional right for the democratic life of the country “. “The prosecutor of Palermo – added the owner of the Viminale – will evaluate any liability profiles resulting from the reports sent by the Municipalityresponsible for the procedures for setting up seats and for replacing presidents “.

THE EVENT – At least fifty polling stations that were closed in the morning, despite the vote starting at 7. “This morning I would have liked to exercise my right to vote – Paola Maranzano told Adnkronos – but it was not possible because I arrived at the polling station, at the school in the Boccadifalco district, we were told that the section 375 was closed because the president was missing. At this point, I’m going to work. I was denied the right to vote and I think it is very serious “. The same situation had occurred at the polling station in via Valverde, here too the citizens were unable to exercise the right to vote because both the president and the section secretary are missing. Dozens of phone calls arrived at the police station and prefecture.

Faced with the chaos of the closed seats, the Municipality of Palermo had made an appeal to citizens interested in filling the roles. On the website of the municipality of Palermo you can find all the information for the candidacy.

APPEALS TO EXTEND THE VOTE – “I asked the Minister of the Interior to evaluate the opportunity to authorize the extension of the opening of the polling stations, in the city of Palermo aloneuntil 14:00 tomorrow, Monday 13 June “said the governor of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci.”An extraordinary measure following the equally extraordinary situation which was created in the city due to the failure to set up dozens of electoral sections. It is a measure that I would have adopted autonomously, if we did not also vote for the Referendums. At the same time, I expressed my appreciation to Minister Lamorgese for his willingness to merge the electoral sections not established with those already in operation “.

“In Palermo the situation is serious and unacceptable” they underline there

League that appeals to the Head of State and the Minister of the Interior
: “Democracy at risk, it is necessary to extend the voting time”, underline sources of Matteo Salvini’s party. “The League thanks the millions of Italians who voted or will vote despite only one day with the polls open, the silence of too many media and politicians, the summer weekend and the shameful seat chaos seen for example in Palermo”.

And the senator and leader of the League expressed “concern and bewilderment” to the Head of State for what is happening in Palermo. Matteo Salvinireferring to the lack of dozens of presidents, underlines “the serious damage to democracy in one of the most important cities in Italy”.

“After the chaos in the polling stations, which has been denounced for days, we expect an urgent measure from the Minister of the Interior to postpone the voting operations at least until tomorrow at 3pm. One wonders whether it was only the cause of this disaster. ‘incompetence or a maneuver artfully designed by someone to generate confusion and boycott the vote “, the words of Francesco Scomadeputy of the Lega-Prima Italia and member of the Bureau of the Chamber.

“We ask for a decisive and immediate intervention by the national government, to ensure the effective regularity of the administrative elections in Palermo”. Thus the center-right candidate for mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla.

“We know that there are many inefficiencies, we are collecting all the reports from citizens, it is scandalous and there are no justifications – declares the candidate for mayor Fabrizio Ferrandelli -. This is why we invite citizens to vote with even more conviction. It is an answer that must be given so that the institutions make the institutions and send a clear signal to those who are unable to organize the normal running of elections in this city ”.

“We are asking everyone to make reports by distributing forms to our committee to be able to certify their going to the polling station and unavailability due to those who do not know how to organize elections. We – concludes Ferrandelli – are examining and we ask you to make an extra effort. Palermo needs an extraordinary activation even with respect to what is happening today “.

“We are sorry to read some statements by politicians who ride for electoral purposes the inconveniences and problems deriving from the renunciation of dozens of subjects, appointed both by the Court of Appeal and subsequently by the municipal administration, to carry out the function of polling presidents” He says Leoluca Orlando. “The situation that has arisen in these hours, due to the irresponsible behavior of some clearly identified people who will be reported to the judicial authorities, is undoubtedly serious but the municipal administration is putting in place every possible solution in synergy with the Ministry of the Interior and with the Prefecture to guarantee all citizens the right to vote “.

“At this moment we need responsibility and respect for the institutions. The attacks against the competent bodies are unacceptable, attacks that risk hiding the responsibilities that will be ascertained by the judicial authorities of those who refused, without justified reason, the appointment”, concludes Orlando .