Elections, Parsi: “Salvini and Berlusconi stop with openings to Russia”

“Meloni should not put anyone who does not clarify relations with the Interior Ministry”

The risk of Russian meddling in the Italian electoral campaign “it would be paradoxical if it did not exist, because the Russians have exercised unfair interference in the most important electoral cycles of recent years”. The professor of International Relations at the Catholic University of Milan says this to Adnkronos, Vittorio Emanuele Parsiafter the statements of the former Russian President Dmytri Medvedev, who – explains the academician – “foreshadowing” interference from Russia “however, they create a disturbing effect on the correct electoral process of a democracy”.

For this, according to the political scientist, “with an ongoing war unleashed by the Russia against Ukraine, which undermines the principles of the international order, it is legitimate for Italian citizens to expect that any ambiguity in the relationship between the League And United Russia and between the leadership of the League and members of the Russian administration. “Doing it” would also be in the interest of Salvini“, Parsi underlines, observing that” to say that you do not do it, because it is so useless and you are unsuspected, it is clear that it induces in others the suspicion that you do not do it, because you are not able to do it “.

Salvini – the professor points out – is not, however, the only “political leader of the center-right who has had or has very close relations with Putin: the other is Berlusconiwe never forget “. As for the leader of the Brothers of Italy,” it must be acknowledged – underlines Parsi – who has always held a consistently Atlanticist position on the issue of the war of Russia in Ukraine. This is unquestionable “. And that is why” it would also be in Meloni’s interest that Salvini and Berlusconi stop taking open positions towards Russia and Putin “.

If “these clarifications do not come and that side wins the elections, I hope that the one who predictably will be the leader and at that point probably the first minister, draws the conclusions and does not put in the position in which the security of the Republic is guaranteed, that is to the Interior Ministry, political figures who have not been able to clarify their relationship with the security of the Republic. Not with respect to the phantom invasions of migrants from the south, but in the very concrete invasions of soldiers from the East “, says professor Parsi.

The consolation is that “thank God there are the security apparatuses of the Republic that will continue to carry out their supervisory action so that there are no clandestine tampering with the vote”, even if “this is not an absolute guarantee, because the protection and vigilance is one thing; the political opportunity for subjects from the various parties to clarify their relations is another type of discourse. who walked around in Putin’s T-shirts. ” And if the secretary of the League “he does not want to do it, the voters will draw the consequences if they want to”, he concludes.