Elections, Pino Insegno: “ Meloni criticizes me for a meeting, sti ca … ”

The actor at Adnkronos: “ Giorgia a respectable woman and not an extremist, I was appointed Commendatore and yet made out of TV ”

” They criticize me for introducing the meeting of the Meloni? Sti ca… they do it also because they are from Lazio. I am not a influencer I am a very good actor, voice actor and trainer, who lives with respect for others so I have no problem declaring my political preferences. Do we all have to be the same? ”. Pino I teachtalking to the‘Adnkronosthus rejects the senders the rain of criticism, some to the limit of the insult, received on social networks since, last night, he introduced the electoral rally of Giorgia Meloni in Piazza Popolo in Rome. ”I am Commendatore of the Republic for social merits, proposed by President Napolitano and not by Almirante – he says ironically – this means that in my life I have done, do and will always do things to help others. It is not that if I greet my friend Giorgia I hurt someone and yet I was attacked everywhere ”, adds the actor before underlining that he has suffered marginalization from the television world: ” television I disappeared why? – asks Teach – I’m not good? Because Pino Insegno was put in a corner for no reason since I made more than 1,600 very successful TV episodes ?. What I can say is that if something has happened it’s not ‘because I’m not good but for other reasons – he continues – Meritocracy exists in dubbing and in theater but not in television’ ‘. Finally, Teacher talks about the probable arrival of Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi: “she is excited enough for a person who has grown exponentially, she is a decent woman and she is not an extremist. She is not a person who wants to prohibit homosexuals from living and or blacks from not existing, ” concludes the actor.

(by Alisa Toaff)