Elections, political polls: FdI first party, M5S and third pole grow

In terms of coalitions, the center-right is in the lead with 48.2% of preferences, against the center-left which stops at 29.5%

Brothers of Italy and the Democratic Party are leading the race towards the elections on September 25th and the Agi / YouTrend Supermedia provides a detailed picture of the situation. The month of August did not bring major changes compared to previous polls. Giorgia Meloni’s party leads the flight, followed immediately after by the party led by Enrico Letta. In terms of coalitions, however, the advantage of the center-right is clear: 48.2% compared to 29.5% of the center-left. (POLITICAL ELECTIONS. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

The individual lists

According to the latest poll, the current advantage of the center-right suggests a coalition victory in the single-member constituencies and the possibility of obtaining an absolute majority of seats in both the House and the Senate. Going into the details of the individual parties, Supermedia reveals the first position of Fratelli d’Italia who leads the race with 24.3% of preferences (+ 0.3% compared to the previous survey). The Democratic Party follows, which marks a slight decline and stands at 22.7%. Then the Lega with 13.4% (stable compared to the previous survey), the 5 Star Movement with 10.9% (+0.5), Forza Italia with 8.4% (-0.2) and the Third Pole which, with its 5.9%, grew by + 1.1%. Followed by the Greens / Left with 3.4% (-0.2), Italexit with 2.8%, + Europe with 2.3% (-0.3), NCI-UDC at 2.2% ( +0.4) and finally IPF-Civic commitment at 1.1% (-0.4).

The coalitions

Supermedia reveals the overwhelming advantage of the center-right coalition which, including Fratelli d’Italia, Lega, Forza Italia, Nci and Udc, reaches 48.2% (also marking a slight growth of + 0.5%). This is followed by the center-left coalition made up of the Democratic Party, the Greens / Yes, + Europe and the IPF which, with a drop of -1.4%, stops at 29.5%. Followed by the 5 Star Movement with 10.9% of preferences (+ 0.5%), the Third pole with 5.9% (+1.1), Italexit with 2.8% and the others with 2 , 7% (-0.7).

Note Agi / YouTrend

Supermedia YouTrend / Agi is a weighted average of national voting intentions polls. Today’s weighting, which includes surveys carried out from 10 to 24 August, was carried out on 24 August on the basis of the sample size, the date of implementation and the method of data collection. The surveys considered were carried out by the Demopolis institutes (publication dates: 12 and 24 August), EMG (11 August), Noto (19 and 24 August) and Tecnè (11 and 18 August). The detailed methodological note of each survey considered is available on the official website.