Elections, Renzi on Sky TG24: “If the third pole will have 10%, conditions for the Draghi government”

The leader of Italia Viva was a guest of Casa Italia, the program conducted by Fabio Vitale and dedicated to the vote on Sunday 25 September. Many topics covered. On von der Leyen Renzi said: “he was wrong, but also the attitude of Meloni and Salvini on Europe is wrong”. On Russia: “We need a special EU envoy to get the parties involved in dialogue”. On Conte: “I will discuss with him in the offices of the courtrooms.” Su Meloni: “With his government, pay attention to the citizens’ wallet”

Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, was the guest of the latest episode of Casa Italia, the Sky TG24 program conducted by Fabio Vitale and dedicated to the vote on Sunday 25 September for the renewal of the Parliament (TOWARDS THE VOTE: THE SKY SPECIAL TG24 – ALL VIDEOS – LIVE NEWS – THE TEST TO UNDERSTAND WHO TO VOTE – FIND YOUR COLLEGE). Also present were the journalists Agnese Pini and Massimo Martinelli. There are many topics covered, from the NRP to the budget variance, from the energy crisis to Italy after the elections. “If the third pole will have 10%, conditions in Parliament for the Draghi government,” said Renzi. On von der Leyen: “he was wrong, but also the attitude of Meloni and Salvini on Europe is wrong”. On Russia: “We need a special EU envoy to get the parties involved in dialogue”. On Conte: “I will discuss with him in the offices of the courtrooms.” On Meloni: “With his government, watch out for the citizens’ wallet”.

Renzi on von der Leyen: “He was wrong”

The interview with Renzi began with a request for a comment on the words of Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, who, answering a question to Princeton about the possible result of the elections in Italy, said: “We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary. “” You were wrong. You got a sentence wrong. Very wrong concept, period “, Renzi said. And he added:” I will everything so that there is no sovereign government in Italy, but the Italians decide it. So if the sovereign government should have the majority, there is no type of intervention that the president of the Commission makes. “However, Renzi reiterated: “The president was wrong, but the attitude of Meloni and Salvini on Europe is wrong. Europe is not a stepmother, you can’t get off this train. Meloni, do you realize that Europe has given you 209 billion? Italy does not need sovereignty but globalization. Meloni and Salvini cannot think of saying ‘the godsend is over’. Let’s change it, this Europe, but without using trite slogans “.

On Russia: “I say yes to the measures, but we need a diplomatic role”

Another topic that has been talked about, the Russian war in Ukraine. How should the West respond to Russia? “I am very worried. Also for the superficiality with which an issue that is dramatic is being addressed – said Renzi -. For the first time since 1962, since the Cuban missile crisis, we are on the verge of a nuclear war. The very fact that this hypothesis can be feared is in itself a dramatic element. The word atomic bomb and nuclear war were taboo ”. Then Renzi added: “What needs to be done? I see two things. The first: it is unthinkable to give up respecting international law. It was right to send arms to Ukraine, to carry out sanctions, because without this type of intervention we would have closed our eyes to a blatant violation of international law such as that committed by Putin. But we also need a special envoy from the European Union to get the parties involved in dialogue. It is the moment in which Europe chooses its own special envoy, at the time I had said Angela Merkel or Tony Blair. We need someone who makes them talk, because diplomacy was invented to solve problems when they seem insurmountable. I say yes to the measures, but at the same time we need a diplomatic role ”.

“If the third pole has 10%, conditions for the Draghi government”

A passage also on Prime Minister Mario Draghi and on the post-elections. “We were the ones who brought Draghi and we are proud to have done so – said the leader of IV -. I note on my chest the medal of sending Conte home and bringing Draghi. What happens now? Much depends on how the elections go. If the third pole, that is the Action List plus Italia Viva, will have 10%, I believe that the conditions are in place to build Mario Draghi’s government in Parliament. I say this for a mathematical and political calculation. Draghi now rightly answers a journalist’s question no, but the real question if the conditions are created will be made by the President of the Republic ”. To those who asked him with whom he would not have a broad-based government, Renzi then replied: “If Meloni is in the government, we are in opposition. If there is Draghi we are in the majority, regardless of who is in the majority ”.

Su Conte: “I will discuss with him in the judicial halls”

Renzi also spoke of Giuseppe Conte. “Unable to respond on the merits” of the campaign issues, “the fact that he said ‘come to the streets without an escort’, alluding to the physical threat, is infamous,” said the leader of Italia Viva. And he added: “This, combined with other lies of Conte, leads me to say that I will confront him in the seats of the parliamentary halls but also in the seats of the courtrooms. Because I think that Giuseppe Conte has crossed the limit of civilization and in some cases of continence linked to the civil code ”. Then Renzi added: “The way in which Conte conducted the electoral campaign on citizenship income, the most scandalous swap vote operation, was hallucinating, politically scandalous”.

“Meloni with his government attentive to citizens’ portfolios”

Regarding his decision to ally with Carlo Calenda and stay one step behind him for these elections, Renzi said: “It was a step backwards dictated by politics, because I believe that this line-up is useful. I did it as a run-up, not for me but for my community ”. On the result of the vote, he added: “I am as worried about the country as I am optimistic about the result. I don’t scream at fascism and I don’t scream wolf. I do everything so that Meloni does not win, but if you ask me what the risk is for the country in the coming months, I say that Meloni does not care about the freedom of the Italians. Meloni with his government attentive to the citizens’ wallet, because the proposals made do not stand up, it is the festival of those who shoot the biggest. How to think about voting who questions Europe or who questions public accounts? “. “Meloni remember that in Europe she is not the sister of Italy, she is Orban’s granddaughter, she is a cousin of Hungary. Let us remember that on all the key games Hungary waged war on us, and now she is their ally ”, said Renzi again.

“Letta now has an obsession with me”

A few words about Enrico Letta too. “He now has an obsession, a personal resentment, towards me. He condemned the Democratic Party to crash into a wall, ”Renzi said. And he added: “I sent Letta home because he was raising taxes. And I did well to send him home ”. Again: “The Democratic Party has everything wrong, when Letta returns to teach politics in France, the course is already done: it will be enough to see his electoral campaign and that is the list of things that must not be done. You cannot decide on the basis of personal sympathy, because we are talking about politics ”.

The other issues, from the NRP to the budget variance

Many other topics discussed by Renzi during the episode. “Only we say yes to new energy infrastructures,” he said. On citizenship income: “It is the largest waste of public money ever made in this country in the last 20 years”. On the Pnrr: “If there are any issues to change from a technical point of view, they should be addressed in the technical office. But do not exasperate the political question of the PNRR, because changing the PNRR as a political objective means losing money ”. On the budget gap: “It is a hypothesis, which would obviously be better avoided. The point is to understand what the new government’s strategy is. I would have been more comfortable if this thing had dealt with Draghi. Some requests for deviation, however, seem odd to me. If there is a need, there are the conditions, there is an economic plan, they say yes to the plants, that’s right. If you say ‘we make the deviation because our children pay so much’, those are deviated in mind. We cannot continue to make the new generations pay the cost of our incapacity ”. On the European health mes: “37 billion euros, at more advantageous conditions than a simple financing operation on international markets, allow Italy to have a dedicated line to address structural issues related to health”.