Elections, Silvio Berlusconi on Sky TG24: “Let’s look at Brussels, not Budapest”

The Forza Italia leader was a guest of Casa Italia, the program led by Fabio Vitale and dedicated to the upcoming vote for the renewal of Parliament, scheduled for 25 September. Many topics were touched upon, from Italy’s position on the international stage to high energy costs, through youth employment and citizenship income

“Orban’s Europe is not and never will be our Europe”. Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi was tonight’s guest at Casa Italia, the program led by Fabio Vitale and dedicated to the forthcoming vote for the renewal of Parliament, scheduled for 25 September. (TOWARDS THE VOTE: SKY TG24 SPECIAL – ALL VIDEOS – LIVE NEWS – THE TEST TO UNDERSTAND WHO TO VOTE – FIND YOUR COLLEGE). Also present was the editor of the Corriere della Sera Luciano Fontana. (ELECTIONS: THE IDEAS OF THE LEADERS COMPARED). Many topics were addressed during the interview: from expensive energy, to address which “it may be necessary to resort to extraordinary economic measures” such as a budget variance that “must be agreed with Europe”, to citizenship income, which ” it should not be abolished “but” must be restored “. With space also for a memory of Queen Elizabeth II, whose funeral was celebrated today. (ELIZABETH II: THE FUNERAL – ALL PHOTOS – HEADS OF STATE PRESENT)

“Touched memory of Elizabeth II”

“For me these are hectic days, but today like billions of inhabitants of the planet I wanted to stop to follow the last farewell to Queen Elizabeth. I did it in moving memory of the meetings I had with her on several occasions, as Italian prime minister, ”said Berlusconi. “With her today an important page has gone away in the history not only of the United Kingdom, but of the world, and in particular of our world, of the West, of the free world. You had a very clear perception of her, conversing with her, of everything she represented, of the authority of an ancient institution, of her personal history through a century of European events “.

“Agree deviation with Europe

On the expensive energy, then, the leader of Forza Italia said: “We are facing a very serious risk. As in war, it may be necessary to resort to extraordinary economic measures. The budget gap is one of them, but it really has to be the last resort. And of course it must be agreed with Europe ”, explained the leader of Forza Italia. “Then, of course, we must face the structural problems, the great omissions that led us to this situation. The no politics of the left, no to regasification plants, no to waste-to-energy plants, no even to renewable energies, with the excuse of the landscape, of course no to research on fourth generation nuclear power, despite Europe itself telling us that it is the clean energy of the future. Of course, as soon as we are in government we will make a total change of direction, giving way to all these infrastructures to protect the country from similar crisis in the future. But these are interventions that take time, unfortunately, they cannot affect a problem that requires immediate responses for families and businesses “.

“On sanctions aligned with the West”

“We are in Europe, in NATO, in the West, we must have the same policies as other countries,” Berlusconi said on sanctions. “They have done Russia very badly, reducing gross domestic product by 10 points and increasing poverty.” The Forza Italia leader then said that the current situation has overturned that of Pratica di Mare in 2002. On the international level, he then assured that “we are that Europe, we are the guarantee that Italy will look to Brussels and not to Budapest. After that I add that Orban is a democratically elected leader and deserves respect, he is also a friend of mine, but Orban’s Europe is not and never will be our Europe. Of this the President of the EPP, Manfred Weber himself. he asked to act as guarantors “.

“Citizenship income did not abolish poverty”

“Citizenship income today I see it as the wrong answer to a real problem. We never thought of abolishing it, ”Berlusconi said. “In certain situations it has to be increased. However, it needs to be refurbished to really serve those in need. In Italy there are 4 million and 750 thousand people living in absolute poverty. It is a national shame, it is necessary to reduce the number through growth. In the meantime, however, no one should be left behind. The citizenship income, however, did not abolish poverty, but created abuses. It didn’t create jobs for young people. The way to offer is quite another, it is a decent wage even for precarious work. But above all it is creating permanent permanent jobs in order to build a future, making it advantageous for companies to hire them ”.

“Melons danger for democracy? Ridiculous”

On the government ally Giorgia Meloni the leader of Forza Italia then said: “It is certainly not a defect, but it comes from a history and a political culture that is not mine. Accusing her of authoritarian tendencies or of being a danger to democracy for this is simply ridiculous. Instead, it is undeniable that we have a different language, different cultural references, we turn to a different electorate. We represent in the coalition the liberals, the Christians, the reformers, the guarantors, the pro-Europeans, the atlantists “.

“We are numerically and politically determinants”

“I take care of the important things. Of the great issues of world politics, the drama of poverty, the future of young people. I really don’t have time to follow Mr. Calenda’s fantasies and illusions,” Berlusconi said regarding the possible majority Ursula aired by the leader of Action. “I can only say that whatever results they get, nothing will change because, having failed to join forces with anyone, as a result of the electoral law they will get a very small presence in Parliament, confined to the opposition and completely irrelevant”. “We, and only we, will be the centrists who will govern the country in the coming years,” Berlusconi said. “We will be decisive, numerically and politically. But the stronger our weight in the coalition, the better we can guarantee the profile liberal and pro-European in government action “.

“I don’t decide the role but we won’t do without Draghi”

“It was I who wanted Mario Draghi to lead Bankitalia, overcoming the hostility of Tremonti, and then to the ECB president, overcoming the much heavier reserves of Angela Merkel”, the Forza Italia leader claimed on the outgoing Prime Minister. “I was the first to indicate him as the right person to lead the emergency government. So, it is not for me to say what role he will want to assume in the future, but we will certainly not give up the competence and prestige of Mario Draghi”.

“Monza in A challenge”

Finally, space for sport: “I am a Milan fan, I was one as a child, I took him where we all know, I will always remain so. Then there is Monza, the team from the third Lombard city. So I felt this as a challenge: to take Monza and bring it to A, from D, a way to give joy to the whole of Brianza: it is a beautiful province. This is why all the noble Milanese families have a house in Brianza “. (MONZA BEATS THE JUVENTUS)