Elections, the numbers: over 50 million voters, the smallest municipality in the province of Pavia

Il Viminale: 2.6 million adults will express their preference for the first time

There are 46.127.514 entitled persons who will be able to vote in Italy on Sunday to renew the members of Parliament. Among these there are also Italians residing abroad registered with Aire who will vote in Italy. To these must then be added all those who will vote abroad: we are talking about 4,741,790 voters. In total there are therefore 50,869,304 entitled persons. These data are provided by the Dossier on the political elections of 25 September 2022, available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Among those who will be able to vote in Italy there are more women: 51.74% of voters are in fact female while 48.26% are men. The Municipality where there are fewer beneficiaries is Rocca de ‘Giorgi, in the province of Pavia, with 25 voters, while the most populous one is Rome, with 2,055,382 voters of which 46.65% are men and 53, 35% by women.

Then there are 2,682,094 adults who will express their preference for the first time. The Region with the most people who will express their preference for the first time is Lombardy with 410,795 new beneficiaries. However, Rome is the municipality where their number is highest: we are talking about 124,531 voters of which 63,977 are men and 60,554 women. The Dossier also reports the number of candidates presented in Italy in all single and plurinominal constituencies divided by sex: for the election of the Chamber of Deputies in the uninominal constituencies there are 744 men and 566 women, while in the plurinominal constituencies there were 1,394 men candidates and 1,394 women: the Rosatellum in fact provides that “in the internal succession of lists in multi-member constituencies, the candidates” are “placed according to an alternating order of gender”. As for the election of the Senate, in the single-member constituencies there are 372 male and 321 female candidates, while in the multi-member constituencies 735 are men and 683 women.