Electoral law: Meritocracy Italy, necessary reform, collection of signatures for referendum

Meritocrazia Italia “deems it absolutely necessary to reform the electoral law which, at present, prevents a real representation of citizens’ requests and an effective participation in the active electorate” and “is committed to collecting the 500,000 signatures necessary for the calling of the referendum referred to in Article 75 of the Constitution”. Thus in a note the Association, which, at the conclusion of the National Directorate held in recent days in Rome, “dictates the strategic and operational line of its action of active citizenship at national and local level”.

Meritocrazia Italia “in constant growth in terms of registrations and consensus, is today considered as a player of undoubted importance on the political chessboard, so much so that it is the object of attention and multidirectional proposals by citizens, parties, centers of interest and institutions. L evident importance of the undertaken path of social and value aggregation which starts from the relaunch of fundamental thematic pillars (such as the rewarding of merit as a tool for emancipation, attention to social equity, environmental protection and popular participation), in one to the establishment of the renowned political training school called Crea, necessary to prepare the administrators and the ruling class, have had a catalyst effect of exceptional resonance”.

Until now, Meritocrazia’s commitment, the note recalls, “has been to channel the competence and commitment to the service of ‘public affairs’, thanks to the daily contribution of those who have considered (and believe) it is possible to work together , against no one and for the common good, to support the work and weight of those who are called to make community governance choices at every level, placing their proposals for improvement of the country system to the benefit of all political forces, to regardless of who takes the credit for its implementation”. Today, however, “many are asking Meritocrazia Italia to take the field in electoral competitions, to represent the driving force of that active citizenship that has made the country great, considering that in every area of ​​democratic life, from the composition of lists, to absence or limitation of preferences, the current electoral law ends up ‘putting the ordinary citizen into a corner’, excluding him from any effective choice and active participation”.

The National Directorate “remains convinced that it is possible to engage in politics and influence institutional decision-making areas even without actively participating in electoral competitions, however by becoming the spokesperson for the real demands of Civil Society and fighting the battles of those who currently have no voice to do so. service of the Institutions its own competences, with the usual proactive approach”. In line with the commitments undertaken, Meritograzia Italia “welcomes the challenge of proceeding with the collection of the 500,000 signatures necessary for the calling of the abrogative referendum for a just electoral reform. Before that, it formulates a request to the Government in office and will promote so that concrete execution is given to the platform for the digital signature of referendums already implemented by Sogei, an IT company of the Ministry of Economy after the promulgation of the implementing decrees of the Draghi government and whose site is still in the ‘test phase’ today”.