Electric mobility, boom in charging stations in Italy

Motus-E data: as of 30 September 2023, there are 47,228 charging points for public use in the Peninsula, with an increase of 44.1% compared to the same month of 2022

The charging stations for electric cars in Italy mark a new growth record: from the quarterly monitoring of Motus-E it emerges that as of 30 September 2023 they are present in the Peninsula 47,228 charging points for public use, with an increase of 44.1% compared to the 32,776 recorded in the same month of 2022. In the July-September 2023 quarter, 2,018 new charging points were installed, bringing the total installed for the 9 months to 10,456, the highest level ever observed in the period.

The network and the car market

“The great expansion of the network demonstrates the operators’ commitment to providing the country with a truly strategic infrastructure serving citizens”, comments the general secretary of Motus-E, Francesco Naso. “We await the launch shortly of the new Pnrr tenders for the installation of high-power charging stations in the city and in extra-urban areas – recalls Naso – if fully used, these resources will give Italy a truly cutting-edge charging network, ready to support the growth of full electric vehicles foreseen by the government in the latest update of the Energy and Climate Plan”.

“With regard to charging infrastructure, the country system is going in the right direction, although not without difficulties – observes the general secretary of Motus-E – it is the car market that has remained dangerously behind, but we can still make up ground by using resources more effectively already allocated for the incentives: raising the price cap to access the benefits, extending them in full to companies and rentals and reviewing the taxation on fleets in a green key, using the leftovers, especially on plug-ins, from the 2022 bonuses and the 2023”.

The numbers

Returning to the numbers, the decisive progress of installations in the South and in the Islands, where 23% of the total charging points on the Peninsula are concentrated, compared to 21% in Central and 56% in Northern Italy. At a regional level, Lombardy continues to lead, being the first region to reach 8,000 charging points spread across the territory (8,094), ahead of Piedmont (4,713), Veneto (4,564), Lazio (4,558) and Emilia-Romagna (4,050). Campania is once again in the spotlight, confirming itself as the region with the greatest infrastructure growth (2,212 points installed since the beginning of the year), doing better than Lombardy (2,123 new points since the beginning of 2023) and Lazio (974 new points from the beginning of 2023).

Finally, Motus-E signals the acceleration of the charging network on highways, where as of 30 September 2023 the presence of 851 charging points was recorded (+541 compared to a year ago), distributed in almost a third of the Italian service areas. Around 80% of charging points on the motorway have a power greater than 43 kW and 59% exceeds 150 kW.