Electricity and gas bills, Calenda: “Piano Terzo Polo worth 40 billion”

“Our proposal sent to Letta and Meloni”

“It’s a bazooka maneuver but it’s essential”. Carlo Calenda presented the plan of the Third Pole against expensive energy to the Chamber with Mara Carfagna, Matteo Richetti and Luigi Marattin. A proposal sent to “Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni” because they are themes “that interest the majority and the opposition”. And the leader of Action urges the premier in pectore to respond. “There is no more time. Meloni clarify if it is whatever it takes for an intervention on the bills” by setting aside the “electoral promises, from the flat tax to other amenities” that cost over 60 billion euros and “would blow up the country” .

The Third Pole proposal covers the entire winter, from November 2022 to March 2023. It provides for a ceiling on the electricity bill, set at 150 euros / MWh, for a cost of 15.7 billion euros. And a ceiling on the gas bill, set at 100 euros / MWh, for a cost of 23 billion. and cap the differential covered by public finance on the price of gas. Total cost of the operation: 40 billion. The benefit would be “a radical cut in bills”, Calenda points out. About half. Example: an electricity bill of 45 thousand euros (at market price) would become 21 thousand.

How is it covered? The coverage for November and December foresees a cost of 16 billion which would be covered by 10 billion by reporting the current deficit (“It is the 10 billion treasure left to Meloni that we are talking about these days”, Calenda points out), then 1, 5 billion from Ets auctions destined for Mise and Mite and 4.7 billion with the cancellation of the application of the tax credit. For 2023, 24 billion of expenditure is to be covered with 10 billion, bringing the trend deficit to the levels of the programmatic one of the Def, then 9 billion from the taxation of extra-profits and finally 5 billion recovered from the greater economic growth determined by the measure.

“This should be the first act, the first decree of the government. It is a question of national security – says Calenda – which could become public order. Europe is too slow, Germany has moved with 200 billion and so are we. we must respond. We are facing a tsunami “.

In the letter sent to Meloni and Letta, the Action leader argues, there are also “infrastructural conditions” to complete the proposal: complete the Ravenna and Piombino regasification plants, build the compression plant in Sulmona, increase the storage sites and finally complete the gas release.