Electricity and gas bills in 10 installments, new in 2022 maneuver

The government has tabled an amendment to the budget law

Against the high bills comes the further cut in the cost of electricity and gas bills. The government has presented an amendment to the 2022 maneuver that doubles the resources destined to calm energy prices (another 1.8 billion is added to the 2 billion envisaged), which reach 3.8 billion euros. Furthermore, families will be able to ask to pay the incoming electricity and gas bills in ten installments with the invoices issued from January to April 2022.

“We are on the right track but it is still not enough, and an extra effort is needed in terms of paying bills in installments,” Assoutenti said in a statement. “We are on the right track – says the president of the association, Furio Truzzi – but in consideration of the increases already triggered in 2021 and those that will hit electricity and gas in 2022, we believe that the 10-month installment period is insufficient. It is insufficient. It is necessary to allow families and businesses the possibility of paying bills in installments for 24 months, in order to dilute the maxi-price increases as much as possible and support the spending capacity of citizens and guarantee liquidity to companies. Expo Consumatori 4.0 to the leading energy companies (Eni, Enel, Edison, Sorgenia) and which was fully shared by all the parties involved “, concludes Truzzi.

Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union, considers the government amendment “an insufficient loophole”. “It is the litmus test that the government expects an unprecedented sting and that the 3.8 billion planned so far to contain the increases are considered by the executive itself to be completely inadequate. For this reason, instead of limiting itself to providing for the payment in installments bills, postponing only the blow, should double the allocations, temporarily freezing the IRPEF reform or providing for an extraordinary rate for higher incomes as Draghi had initially proposed “, concludes Dona.