Electrolux, a tool for calculating the impact of household appliances

Higher energy class dryers and washing machines are more expensive, but can save you money in the long run

Electrolux has activated a tool on its website designed to guide consumers towards a more convenient choice in terms of electricity consumption, an issue that never before requires awareness. This is Youreko, able to transparently calculate the real economic benefit that is obtained by purchasing a low-consumption appliance. Together with the description of each model, this tool highlights the financial savings linked to energy saving: based on this last data, each product is awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal, useful for understanding how a product is classified with respect to equivalent models available on the market that are more in line with the needs of each individual user.

Electrolux launches the tool to promote its high-performance and low-consumption appliances, starting with the 900 Series EW9W296Y washer-dryer, which among the main technologies at its disposal offers DelicateCare System that dries delicately, at half temperatures, thanks to the heat pump integrated, and reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. The initial cost of this model, says Electrolux, can be fully amortized over its average life cycle, considering it saves over 1900 euros in bills compared to the least efficient model on the market. Among the low consumption dryers, PerfectCare 700 EW7H583W is classified with the gold medal. It is equipped with EcoFlow Filter System, an air circulation system that guarantees reduced energy consumption during drying. The SensiCare System technology, thanks to special sensors, automatically adjusts the duration of the program according to the load, using water and energy only for the time necessary for washing.