Electronic foreclosure, Forza Italia and Lega slow down on withdrawal

Discontent among the majority over the rule contained in the draft of the 2024 budget, doubts also among Fratelli d’Italia: “We are evaluating amendments”. Mef specifies: “Not final drafts”

Discontent in the majority over the rule contained in the draft of the 2024 budget which provides direct access to tax and tax accounts Telematic foreclosure for those who have debts. To the strong doubts of the League, which with its deputy secretary Andrea Crippa resorted to the metaphor of Berlusconi’s memory of the “hands in the pockets of the Italians”, are added those of a part of the parliamentary ranks of the Brothers of Italy, which does not exclude the possibility of intervening with “improving measures” to change the text: “I believe that in the amendment phase it will be possible to evaluate, if necessary, improvement measures, in agreement with the professions and the social partners”, Andrea de Bertoldi, deputy, told Adnkronos of Giorgia Meloni’s party and accountant.

But even from the Forza Italia party, the rumors regarding taxes that have circulated in the last few hours have caused an outcry: “If confirmed in the definitive version, this rule will have to be the subject of further study because we are against tax pressure but also against fiscal oppression”, the words, again collected by Adnkronos, of Giorgio Mulè, Italian vice-president of the Chamber, who adds: “If therefore this rule goes in a non-guarantee direction and which does not guarantee the taxpayer, it will have to be revised”.

A widespread malaise, the one that spreads among the centre-right majority, which then forced the Ministry of Economy led by the Northern League member Giancarlo Giorgetti to distance itself from the content of the drafts at the center of the debate: “The journalistic indiscretions on the stability law published in these days on various topics of great interest (for example pensions, taxes, alleged withdrawals from current accounts and more) are the result of non-definitive drafts, not distributed by Mef and therefore to be considered unreliable”, we read in a note from Via XX September.