Electronic waste, over 3 thousand tons collected and disposed of by Ecolamp in 2021

52% belong to the category of exhausted light sources, 48% to those of small household appliances, consumer electronics and end-of-life lighting devices. Lombardy, Veneto and Lazio are confirmed as the top three regions for recycled light bulbs.

3,184 tons of WEEE (electrical and electronic waste) collected and disposed of by the Ecolamp consortium in 2021, of which 52% belongs to the category of exhausted light sources (R5) and 48% is represented by small household appliances, consumer electronics and end-of-life lighting fixtures (R4). Thanks to the correct treatment of these waste, Ecolamp records a recovery rate between matter and energy that exceeds 95%.

In 2021, 1,533 tons of small household appliances, consumer electronics and end-of-life lighting devices (the so-called R4 group) managed by the Consortium. Last year Ecolamp also witnessed an increase in the contributions for this grouping by professional users, to whom the consortium made new services available, intended to increase the overall collection data.

With regard to light sources (R5), the main group in which Ecolamp operates, in the last year the consortium has sent 1,651 tons of fluorescent and LED tubes and exhausted light bulbs to specialized treatment plants. Of these, 41% was contributed by installers and maintenance technicians, through the voluntary collection services that Ecolamp has always made available to the professional channel. 59%, on the other hand, comes from municipal collection centers and from distribution grouping places dedicated to the contributions of private citizens.

Five Italian regions drive 64% of the collection of light sources, equal to 1,042 tons managed by the Ecolamp consortium. Lombardy is confirmed in first place, also for 2021, with 377 tons, followed by Veneto (205), Lazio (173), Emilia-Romagna (168) and Piedmont (114). As regards the provinces, Milan (112 tons), Rome (91) and Bergamo (77) are those that have recycled the largest number of exhausted light sources, totaling together 17% of the Consortium’s overall collection of light bulbs. Positive data also for Pisa, which passes this year from fourteenth to seventh position with 46 tons, and for Naples, which is confirmed as the first among the provinces of Southern Italy, with 30 tons delivered.

“In 2021, the consortium’s collection remained substantially stable compared to the previous year, exceeding three thousand tons – comments Fabrizio D’Amico, Ecolamp general manager – The new services that Ecolamp has launched in recent months for contributions by the professional users also confirm the proactive spirit of the consortium for the achievement of increasing levels of correctly managed WEEE. The communication initiatives that Ecolamp promotes in favor of a more widespread sensitivity towards good practices for environmental protection also go in this direction. and in support of a more circular and sustainable economy “.