Elegant Art and Américo come together in a new hit that fights bullying: "victim or perpetrator"

“There is a lack of music that speaks reality,” he emphasizes elegant art about his latest single with americawhich addresses the issue of bullying in schools in Chile.

Elegant Art and Américo present “Victim or victimizer”, a surprising theme for its house style that generates reflection on a problem that It affects thousands of young people across the country.

With an impressive narrative, both artists manage to capture the point of view of both the aggressor and the victim, with lyrics that reflects the harsh reality of many students in Chilean schools.

“I wanted to talk about the issue to represent those who have no voice, one in three children suffers from bullying and that cannot continue like this. I invite all my elegant ones to join this cause,” Arte Elegante shared on their social networks.

For his part, Américo also echoed the premiere and called on his followers to support the song and the message it conveys: “Go see the video and say no more to bullying.”

“Victim or victimizer” is now available on all digital platforms to be heard and shared with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of eradicating violence in schools.

According to a study carried out by the Fundación Paz Ciudadana in 2019, 31% of elementary and middle school students in Chile have been victims of bullying at some point in their lives. Therefore, it is necessary that public figures such as Arte Elegante and Américo use their influence to raise awareness and fight against this problem that affects so many young people in the country and that is so far from being resolved.