Elena Barolo, new look for the showgirl: did you see what she did?

Elena Barolo shows off her new look: did you see what she did to her hair?

Many will remember Elena Barolo in Striscia la Notizia. The showgirl in 2002 participated in the Veline program, obtaining the band of ‘blonde tissue’. She thus became part of the satirical news and together with Giorgia Palmas we saw her on that counter until 2004. she was about 20 years old then.

Elena Barolo, look (credits: instagram)

Its beauty immediately struck viewers and after some time it still continues to conquer today. In recent years you have enriched her career with many different experiences. She played the role of host, reporter, co-host, judge, guest. She has also given herself to acting, studying and becoming part of several films and TV series.

We saw it in CentroVetrine, 7 lives, All crazy for love, Emergency Therapy, Don Matteo 7, A Christmas For Two, in an episode of The beauty of women… a few years later. But not only acting, the world of fashion has also seen its entrance and recently made its debut in another field. Elena released her first album. 2022 saw the release of his new project entitled ‘La Cote D’Azur’. She announced the publication on June 14 through her Instagram channel: “My first album. Out now “. Everything she did on the small screen made her very popular and it is also on social networks where she is followed by over 200,000 followers. Of course, she often updates those who follow her by showing daily shots, what she does and exactly, as she did with the album, revealing her plans for her. In the last few days she has shown her new hair of hers: have you seen what she has done?

Elena Barolo, new look for the showgirl: did you see what she did to her hair?

Elena Barolo in recent years it has achieved great popularity and above all conquered the public. Since she made her debut in the Striscia la Notizia program as a tissue in 2002, she has never stopped and her career has taken off. She has been in different areas and we have seen her in different roles on the small screen.

Recently, through his instagram channel, he announced the publication of his album, released on June 14th. On social networks we can admire it in all its facets. Her looks are striking, simple but always very trendy. She was very young when we met her, when on that counter she conquered everyone with her beauty. She beauty that she still today, after more than 20 years she continues to leave everyone speechless. She often renews her look by going to the hairdresser, which happened a few days ago. The showgirl has updated followers by letting people know about her new look.

elena barolo look
New look (credits. Instagram)

Did you see what he did? As she says she changed her hair color, it would seem from this photo that she chose a shade more on the blonde. But she didn’t just decide to change shades but she also cut them, as she specifies: “New Blonde, new cut “, wrote in support of the photo published in his stories. With this look Elena is beautiful!