Elena D’Amario changes her look for the holidays: have you seen her new hairstyle?

Elena D’Amario for the holidays changes her look and shows herself with a new hairstyle: did you see what she did?

Elena D’Amario is currently part of the Amici professional ballet company and is also the choreographer. Often in fact the performances staged by the students were made by her. Before even entering the school as a professional, she was a student herself. In fact we saw the dancer in the ninth edition, strongly desired at the time by the master Steve la Chance.

Elena D’Amario, look (credits: instagram)

At the time of her participation as a student she managed to access the evening and get to the very final. She finished in second place on the dance podium won that year by Stefano De Martino. Once out of talent his career has practically taken off. Elena flew to New York and was part of the Broadway Dance Center company. She embarks on world tours often playing the lead role. Following a series of experiences, she returned to Italy and entered Amici’s school as a professional. Today she in addition to playing this role she is also a choreographer.

The last edition of the program ended in May, waiting for the new one to start in September. Now Elena is taking advantage of the summer break to relax. For the holidays the dancer changed her lookshowing herself with a hairstyle that is very different from how we usually see it.

Elena D’Amario changes her look for the holidays: have you seen her new hairstyle?

The twenty-first edition of Amici ended in May with the victory of Luigi Strangis while the dance category was won by Michele Esposito, who finished second. Now the talent show is on hiatus at least from the small screen because the castings to choose the new students of the school have gone on in recent weeks.

Naturally, even the teachers, professionals and all those who work to carry on the program are taking advantage of the summer season and the stop to relax and spend the holidays in the sun, sea or in other beautiful places. For example, Elena D’Amario, the professional and choreographer, showed where she is on social media. She is spending the summer holidays with her family in her land. In the last few days she has published many shots showing a sculpted physique and a beauty to take your breath away. Her new look did not go unnoticed: did you see what she did to her hair?

Elena d'amario changes her look
Elena d’amario, look (credits: instagram)

The dancer has changed her hairstyle, her hair is pulled back with very long braids that reach down to the lower back. Usually she doesn’t wear them so long, her hair has always been on her smooth wavy but this time she has decided to dare. Elena can show herself with a different look than usual but nothing changes, she is always beautiful!