Elena explores the many souls of feelings in Finding Again: the video

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It is a thrill for me to announce the release of the new single Find each other again! And I’m even happier to have aroused the interest of an important label like la SAAR Records (which launched the likes of Vasco Rossi and Adriano Celentano). The idea that inspired this single comes from a spontaneous question: how many times have you happened to ask yourself “Do I really know the person I love?” we idealized differently than it really is. This text arises precisely from the need to explore the relationship with the other, describing a relationship that is based on a fleeting balance, in a dense game of references, in which the two protagonists of the video get lost and then find themselves. Between distances and approaches, almost whispered beginnings as if they were liberating confessions and refrains, Find each other again recognizes the ambivalence of feeling vulnerable and at the same time protected by describing daily moments of sharing, and the difficulty of standing up when everything around us swings. The text shows my interest in psychology and this passion of mine is also strongly felt in one of my first passages as “Sento” where the text of the passage speaks of the relationship with oneself and with the other, it is a real request of help. In Sento’s video we see that a painful but liberating and necessary dialogue begins with my other self, all set in a psychoanalytic session full of authenticity. While in my latest single the need to explore the relationship with the other is deduced. In the text the phrase “how difficult it is to stand up” is often repeated, underlining the difficulty of a relationship in which it is difficult to remain authentic, true and faithful to our self.

The starting point of this song of mine is the sense of restlessness, on the other hand it is the most difficult relationships that often give life to the strongest feelings. I was born in Milan in 1994 and since I was a child I have been passionate about music, I have studied singing for several years guided by the desire to make music a job to which I can dedicate myself with constancy, dedication and love. I have a degree in psychology and for me exploring the relationship with myself and with others has always been a requirement; I find it essential, exciting and liberating to express this attitude through music and then share it with those who listen to me. Through my music I always try to propose texts full of meaning and without banality. I want to lead the listener to walk with me the complexity but also the magnificent logic of our psyche. The themes that I deal with most in the lyrics of my songs are current themes of modern society and at the same time the mirror of what I have lived up to now. What I have always tried to convey, and which I hope to have transmitted up to now, are simplicity and truth, what I live and what I feel.