Elena Lenti retired, Italy’s first train driver: the announcement in the Milan metro – Video

The train driver’s last journey was greeted by her colleagues with a message broadcast through the loudspeakers of the green line

A surprise announcement to wish “a happy retirement” to the first female metro driver in Italy, who has been driving one of the M2 trains of the Milan ATM since 1990. Thus the colleagues of Elena Lenti, 58 years old, wanted to pay homage to the goodbye to the woman’s cockpit. The message was broadcast through the loudspeakers of the green line as the convoy led by her arrived at the Crescenzago station.

“We wanted to greet and thank our fellow train driver Elena Lenti, who is approaching her last stop in passenger service” announced the voice on the loudspeaker from the Operations Room. “Best wishes from all the colleagues of line 2 for a good retirement and a good life. Thanks for everything you have done at Atm. Thank you Elena. Happy retirement and good life”. “Thank you all. Bye”, the brief comment of the woman, evidently excited.

“Thank you, Elena”. This is the surprise announcement that travelers on the M2 green metro heard yesterday. A tribute to Elena Lenti, 58 years old, the first female train driver in Italy and the first woman to drive the Milanese metro way back in 1990 , when ATM was looking for drivers for the new M3 yellow line. Now, after 33 years, farewell to the control room.


My greeting via radio link (RTTD) from all my colleagues to Elena Lenti, the first female train driver in Italy, to conduct the subway trains, as she approaches the last stop in servisio passeri… then retired after 32 years of driving… “Buona Vita Elena”

original sound – RaiLety